A guide to the weird and wonderful types of people you'll meet during Freshers' Week!

Freshers' week - the week where you'll be with hundreds of people you've never met before and have one seemingly endless party. You'll barely speak to most of these people for the rest of your university career and, in many cases, this might not be a bad thing. But during freshers' week you'll want to be everyones pal, no matter how much of a character they are!

From the jocks to the gamers, everyone will have different experiences, but some things are just certainties. It doesn't matter if you're studying History in Dundee or Computing in Exeter, there are always consistencies with the university experience. For good or for bad, you'll end up meeting all of these freshers around your halls when you head to uni:


1) The Gamers

Whether it’s Fifa, Call of Duty or any other game they are obsessed by, the gamers will be locked away in dark rooms for most of the day. They will have little in-jokes often involving Emilie Heskey and you will regularly  hear the distant cries of anguish and controllers breaking. Their obsession will go so far that it will threaten their grades, relationships and social life... but at least they have won the Champions League with Grimsby Town!

2) THE BNOC (Big Name on Campus)

It doesn’t take long for the BNOC to start making friends and networking. While you are struggling to remember your own name during freshers’ week, they have already managed to befriend the JCR, captains of sports teams and all the other BNOCs.


They are the madly in-love couple that have decided that they cannot be apart during university. In freshers’ week they will make a conscious effort to give each other space but that won’t last. They will be joint at the hip for the rest of the year. They make friends as a couple and then make it incredibly awkward for everyone else when they inevitably split-up.

4) The DJ

The halls DJ is basically the person who has the worst taste in music and insists on playing it the loudest. The DJ claims to ‘know’ about music, yet they stay up all night on their computer making something that definitely doesn’t resemble music.

5) The Gap Yah

'This reminds me of this time on my gap yah...'. You will meet people who've just got back from their gap years abroad and may mention it occasionally. And then you'll meet gap yah students who can't go 5 minutes without talking about it! Just to clarify, if you have bungee-jumped Down Under or been to a Full Moon party, that doesn't mean that your opinion is any more valid than anyone else’s.

6) The Stoner

It won’t take long to spot (or smell) the stoner in your halls. Plus, despite never actually having gone surfing they will call everyone 'dude' and think everything is 'rad'. You will need a gas mask to enter their rooms and will have to endure late night rants about how ‘science’ shows why marijuana should be legal. Despite all of this, they are usually pretty friendly!

7) The Mummies boy

For most of you, this will be the first time you move out of home and everyone reacts in different ways. There will be one who cannot handle this new freedom. Even though their mum has set up their room for them and clogged up everyone’s freezer space with pre-cooked meals, they still will be struggling to cope with university. After trying to microwave an oven pizza, they will admit defeat and end up taking weekly visits home.


If the sportsperson isn’t playing sport, they are talking about it or at least thinking about it. They are part of multiple sports teams and will have all the kit to prove it. No matter what they are doing, they will be in university logoed kit which is two sizes too small for them. Tickets to the gun show anyone?!

9) The Gambler

The gambler always likes to stick a quid or two on pretty much anything going. They have a betting account with pretty much every internet site and claim to know everything there is to know about horseracing. Unsurprisingly, they normally end up being the first students to run out of their student loan.

10) The Cheapskate

In halls, you are usually lucky enough to have water, heating, toilet paper and other necessities provided within the cost of your rent. With the realisation that this may be the last time, the Cheapskate makes sure they use it to the full. Their room feels like a sauna and they insist on having hour long showers no matter what time it is.

11) The Lad

They have come to university equipped with multiple litres of vodka, a poor attitude towards women and enough ‘banter’ to last all year. They will go out with you during freshers’ week but as soon as they find a posy of other equally 'laddy' lads they will not be seen much around halls, or in lectures for that matter.

12) The Seasoned Pro

This is the third time that they have started university after two failed years. The seasoned pro is cool at first because he knows lots of people, the best places to go and, unlike you, isn’t ridiculously nervous. However, within two days you realise he’s trying desperately to cling onto the freshers’ lifestyle way beyond his time. You feel for him.


13) The Ex-Etonian

The ex-Etonian looks around in bemusement at the state of his halls. They talk differently and dress like someone out of the Ralph Lauren catalogue. While you are struggling to afford Tesco basic cheddar, they are pigging out on Brie, Quails eggs and Port. It takes a little while for the Etonian to stop turning his nose up at pretty much everything but after that they are usually alright. 


No-one knows where this person goes or what they do with their time, but something definitely feels suspicious. They will cook and shower at odd times to keep social contact to a minimum, and will try their best not to commit to social events.  

15) The Chef

While most students are living off a combination of cereal, ready meals and cheese-on-toast, the chef will be preparing amazing meals with actual vegetables. On the first day look for the person who brings a full spice rack, multiple saucepans and most importantly baking trays. This person is definitely one to befriend.

16) The Intellectual

Not everyone at university will be an alcoholic freeloader! The intellectual wants political debate and to broaden his knowledge, so will try desperately to engage everyone with issues of the day. They will judge you if you don't know who the Home Secretary is and will get overly excited about any upcoming elections.

See if can spot all 16 when you head to uni. Enjoy Freshers' week!



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