"These aren't the grades you're looking for."

 1. IT all starts in the middle of nowhere where nothing is going on

Sorry but Tatooine is basically the intergalactic equivalent of that small town you grew up in.

empty tatooine desert from star wars

2. You felt the calling to do something greater

Like save the galaxy, or study Psychology at Manchester.

luke skywalker looks at Tatooine suns

3. Eventually you jet off on an adventure, leaving home behind

Hopefully this didn’t involve your home being burned down, mind.

Luke and Obi Wan in landspeeder talk to stormtroopers

4. You made new friends, including the one who’s cooler than you...

Han Solo pointing a gun

5. The one who really needs a shave and a haircut...

Chewbacca looks on

6. And the nerd who’s always trying to get people to clean up their stuff

C3PO Walking

7. You spent loads of time in dodgy bars and clubs...

dim and gloomy mos eisley cantina

8. But you stayed for the INCREDIBLE music

9. Your Uni's Vice-Chancellor Probably looked like this

And you probably thought they were just as evil.

Grand Moff Tarkin looks upset

10. You took up a new sport (and sucked at it)

Luke Skywalker practices with his lightsaber

11. You spent a lot of time surrounded by other people’s rubbish

Star Wars trash compactor

12. Your attempts at romance Mostly fell completely flat

Luke Skywalker and Leia looking sombre

13. With about a third of the year left, things suddenly got serious...

Getting that 40% on your first set of uni exams is pretty comparable with taking on the Death Star really.

Star Wars guys plan the Death Star attack

14. BUT Despite your total lack of preparation, things mostly turnED out okay

Death Star explodes in space

15. And it all ended with a big celebration

Star Wars medal ceremony, everyone is happy

16. You came back twice more!

The second time was just as good as the first, maybe even better. The third was still great, but feels a little tired compared to the rest of your time at university/ Star Wars. Is it time to stop this metaphor now? 

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