We’ve gone undercover and found out all the things only King’s Students will know.

Ever wondered what sneaky things only King’s Students will know? Test yourself and see if you're a true King's College Student by seeing how many of these problems you can relate to.

1. UCL/ LSE Rivalry

We’re not really sure why they bother, King’s is clearly superior in every way. At least Queen Mary don't try and get involved with this. (And by the way, we’re definitely older, UCL, so shove that in your pipe and smoke it.)

2. The mice

things only King’s Students will know - mice  

Those little furry fiends are literally everywhere. Maughan’s overrun with them, there’s mice in the panini presses on Guy’s Campus, there’s probably a mouse looking at you right now from behind that bookcase.

3. Maughan library is fit

things only King’s Students will know - Maughan

I mean, if I had to choose a building to marry, it would be this one. Just look at all that tantalising gothic architechture. Maybe I’d specify ‘must remove mice’ in the pre-nup.

4. Trying to get a seat in Maughan after 11am

But like all sexy libraries, Maughan treats us mean to keep us keen. Be prepared to be literally laughed out of the library if you turn up looking hopeful at lunchtime. There's no hope. Just go home and give up.

5. Getting a bus to your lectures

things only King’s Students will know - traffic jam

A bus? In central London? Are you mad?! Y'all going to have to walk instead. Sorry.

6. King’s Building lifts/stairs

The lifts work like, 5% of the time and the stairs are enough to wear you out for the rest of the week. So basically you can’t win.

7. Pre-drinks at Waterfront

What a great idea! That literally every other person also decided to have. Have fun standing in a corner next to the loos while a person much, much more drunk than you slowly slops a full pint over your shoes.

8. London weather

On an average day at King’s, you’ll need

  • A scarf

  • Shorts

  • An umbrella

  • Sunglasses

  • Snowshoes

9. Chesham building

Haha yeah trying to find this for the first time was the most fun I’ve ever had. Not.

10. Living in London

things only King’s Students will know - hipsters

It’s so expensive, and you’ll end up living in East London trying to resist styling your hair into a man bun and drinking flat whites.

11. Walkabout Wednesday

You know you love to hate it. 

12. Tonnes of campuses really far away from each other

Your uni friends will inevitably be scattered across London, miles away from you. Good luck meeting up for a quick coffee, you'll probably each have to travel for two hours.

13. Somerset House Ice Skating

things only King’s Students will know - ice skating at somerset house

It’s an ice skating rink at university! Sort of, not really, but it is fun to boast about. We don't see you having an ice rink, UCL, so *neeergh*. (I had no idea how to write that sound but you get what I was going for, right?)

14. Waterloo bridge in the winter

Bundle up, grit your teeth and try not to be blown into the Thames by one of London’s freezing sleety storms. Maybe use a textbook as a windshield.

15. Brutalism

things only King’s Students will know - strand building

We’d like to apologise to the rest of The Strand for plonking the irredeemably brutalist Strand Building in the middle of everything.

16. The alumni windows

They exist only to make you feel worthless, lazy, stupid and a bit cross. I’m sorry I’m not as good as you, Florence Nightingale, OK?

17. The chapel

Oh, but it’s so beautiful. And, like a lot of King’s, we’re completely in love with it.

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