Everything from self-doubt to invigilator drama.

Exam season is upon us *cries* and there’s nothing you can do about it. You studied all night, yet can’t remember a thing. Your classmates are discussing topics in great depth that definitely weren’t on the syllabus and your anxiety level has reached an all-time high. You try to compose yourself but it’s too late - it’s time enter the exam hall.

1. I can’t find my seat

This must be a sign. Great, now everyone’s looking at me. 

Looking for your seat in an exam

2. We were never taught this

Fighting a losing battle over here.

Stressed during an exam at uni

3. I’ve got this

Must be confident. Must stay calm.

Being confident during an exam at uni

4. I’ll skip this question

Oh and this one...and this one..

5. What is everyone else writing ABOUT?

Wondering what other people are writing in an exam

6. What if all 12 of my pens run out of ink?

I only brought 12. I have no spares.

7. Why are my hands sweating?

And my face, armpits and back? Clammy central.

Sweating during an exam


Dammit. It’s astounding how your mind can find the time to procrastinate at such a crucial point in your life.

9. how many marks have I got so far

Working out how many marks you got in an exam.

10. The invigilator is standing next to me

Why me? What have I done?


I should get mitigation for this.

Getting hand cramp during an exam

12. OMG 10 minutes remaining

Panic during an exam

13. so many people have asked for extra paper

I can't believe this - they must have big handwriting.

14. Is this a trick question?

Difficult exam question at uni

15. I know nothing. Literally nothing.

Playing hide and seek with the answers in my brain - they must be in there somewhere.

16. Quick doodle or double check my answers?

Drawing on an exam paper


Until next time...

18. I wonder when retakes are

Feelings you have after an exam

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