Should you go off the sauce this lent?

The University year has been going for a while now and you’ve probably done your fair share of partying! Your bank account and your health definitely have felt the effects of many boozy nights. Plus, you’ve probably already lost your dignity along the way – most likely back in Freshers’ week. So, it may be time for a little breather, especially with summer just round the corner. Yes, Shrove Tuesday has gone but it’s not too late! With Easter Sunday so late this year, it’s still over a month away. So, here’s 19 reasons to take the plunge and sober up this lent:




1. If your liver could talk, it would probably say it wanted a break.


2. It’s not just your liver which is unhealthy! There hasn’t been a student loan payment for months.

3. Plus, it’s the crunch time of your year (hello third year dissertation!).

4. It would be your personal decision and not part of a trending craze like dryathlon.

5. You wouldn’t waste any days – being hungover is a full day commitment you know. 

6. With that time, you could join something you normally wouldn’t, like the Bridge Club!

7. Enjoy spring mornings – this means actually getting up earlier (not just saying you will). 

8. Marathon season is upon us, so get fitter by doing some running yourself.

9. On that note, it’s a great opportunity to tone up ready for the summer. Tickets to the gun-show anyone?

10. It proves to your parents that you actually aren’t the alcoholic your Facebook photos suggest you are.

11. With no alcohol in the system, you might find the motivation to do all the reading for a seminar.

12. Say goodbye to beer breath or whisky breath or any type of alcohol-related bad breath.


13. And you’re much less likely to see the contents of dinner again at 3am.

14. You won’t have the embarrassed morning after realisation that you got your drunk text on.

15. Plus, without alcohol you might actually be able to have a regular sleep pattern.

16. You won’t have to face the fire burning sensation at the back of your throat after doing a Vodka shot for a whole 47 days (Yes, 47 days – from Shrove Tuesday to Easter Sunday actually isn’t 40 days!) 

17. With less time drinking, you’ll have more time to look up cool facts like that one!!

18. And it’s not like you’ll be missing out – summer is coming and you’ll be back on it again by then.

19. And finally… come Easter Sunday that first drink will taste amazing.




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