Throwback to when your computer screen was brighter than your future.

Sixth Form is not all fun and games. The most important exams of your life (so far anyway) cast a dark cloud over your final two years as a school student, even overshadowing landmarks like turning 18 and passing your driving test. Pointless rules, petty arguments and questionable choices make for two tough years. Sixth form problems are real and there’s no escaping them. Here’s our list of 20 of the most distressing #sixthformproblems. 

1. The huge jump from GCSEs to A-levels

The jump from GCSE to a-level

2. Having to buy a whole new wardrobe

Having nothing to wear to sixth form

3. Sharing the common room with Year 12s

Sixth form common room drama

4. When Year 11’s are excited for sixth form

Going into sixth from from year 11

5. When you bring in a packed lunch but your friends decide to go out

Mum won't be happy if she found out you chose MacDonalds over her sandwiches. 

Eating lunch in the toilets at school

6. When teachers expect you to do work in your free periods

Ummmmmmmm, no.

Free periods in sixth form


Parents asking how school's going

8. When your workload is unbearable

Unbearable sixth form workload

9. Missing one day of school and spending the next week catching up

Coping with a-levels

10. Common room hierarchy

Sixth form common room


Have you got any UCAS offers yet?

12. A day without a free period is a day not worth living

A day without free periods in sixth form

13. When you get exactly the same mark in a re-take

Why is AQA trying to ruin your life?

One mark off grade boundary in a level retakes

14. When the smallest little thing reduces you to tears

Having a breakdown in sixth form

15. Leaving revision to the last minute

Last minute revision

16. When you’re the last one in your friendship group to turn 18

And you face the dilemma of breaking the law and getting a fake I.D. or becoming a social outcast. 

Feeling left out in sixth form

17. When someone reminds the teacher you had homework

Homework in sixth form

18. ‘Something has changed on your UCAS application’

Something has changed on your UCAS application

19. When people talk outside the exam hall about stuff you haven’t revised

People talking outside exam room

20. When school don’t realise you’re so close to having a mental breakdown...

Having a mental breakdown during sixth form

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