"Can you read my mind?" No.

Psychology is a popular choice of degree to study, but there are some consequences of this decision. Not only will you encounter some pretty far-fetched generalisations, but by the end of it the word ‘SPSS’ will leave you a quivering wreck.

1. The exasperation that comes with your new found Psychic abilities

“Can you read my mind?” No.

Lucille Arrested Development eye roll

2. Being sceptical of any statistic shown in the media

Immediately questioning the validity and sample size.

3. Wondering if you are now qualified to interpret dreams

There's no harm in trying...

4. If anyone investigated your search history you’d be screwed

Incognito meme

5. Having so many career options it’s ridiculous

Being equipped with so many transferable skills makes the job hunt even trickier. Counselling, teaching, marketing, HR, you name it, you’ll probably be able to do it.

6. You LOVE serial killer documentaries

It's basically revision.

7. Trying to find participants for your dissertation

Is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Why are people so reluctant to give 10 minutes of their time?

zooey deschanel please please

8. When a tidy person claims to have OCD

Folding your clothes does not mean you have an anxiety disorder.

9. Over analysing someone’s behaviour

And consequently drawing conclusions about their childhood and relationship with their parents (it’s all Ainsworth’s fault).

Conan O'Brian thinking

10. When people question whether psychology is a ‘real science’

Oh yeah, what about all these bio modules? We know about action potentials too, you know.

11. Reading a 20-page research paper and only understanding 2 sentences

And praying you weren't the only one. 

12. When SPSS triggers a quarter-life crisis

SPSS meme

13. taking a personality test in a lecture 

And being concerned by the results...

14. Writing an essay purely based on Abstracts

Who needs to read every research paper in full when there’s a handy summary on the first page?

15. The elation of getting a result of p <0.05

Jonah Hill elated

16. Compared to this monstrosity...p > 0.05

When you don't get a significant result on SPSS

17. You’ve mastered reverse psychology techniques

Please do not buy me chocolate.

18. Feeling awkward in a lecture about Freud’s Psychosexual Phases of Development

Lol, anal phase.

19. Feeling sorry for Little Albert

Forget Pavlov’s dogs, this poor kid.

Little Albert experiment

20. When your friends say something they claim not to have meant


21. When one participant skews your data

And there's nothing you can do about it.

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