'Probably' the best uni in the world?! There's no probably about it!

1) Having to adhere to Exeter's strict dress code on campus

Gym kit and Nike trainers for girls and stash and flip flops for boys. (Barbour and Jack Wills also acceptable).

Exeter university dresscode

2) Failing to mask your disgust when you go to the Ram with someone who orders normal fries

Seriously, who are you?

curly fries at the Exeter RAM

3) Running out of ways to thank the person in front of you as they hold all the doors open for you going through Amory

Thanks, cheers, nice one, thank you, ta, *kill me*.

Amory, Exeter university

4) Having to take out a second overdraft to buy lunch in the Marketplace

Or anywhere on campus for that matter.


expensive exeter university

5) Happily agreeing to pre drinks then grappling for excuses when they tell you it's in Duryard.

I mean, it’s basically Siberia.

Duryard predrinks

6) But on the other hand, living conditions in a South-East Asian prison are probably preferable to those in Old Lafrowda

lafrowda halls, essex university

7) Feeling distinctly out of place in Mosaic if you don’t have a Rolex, pony or trust fund.

Mosaic exeter

8) Going from a 9/10 in your hometown to a strong 4 in Exeter

Not that Exeter's obscenely attractive student body isn't a fantastic thing.

Exeter university attractive people

9) You refuse to call Gemini taxis ‘Apple Taxis’ and will refuse to call Arena, ‘Unit 1’

There was no need to reinvent yourself Arena, we all loved you just the way you were.

arena/unit 1 exeter

10) Everyone else always moans about the smell in Arena but you’re always too drunk to notice

And besides, when you do, you've grown to love that welcoming, familiar smell of feet and broken dreams.
spongebob smell

11) A 9am in Peter Chalk after a night out is a fate worse than death

The combination of ‘still a bit drunk’ with that hill at that time of the morning is game over for your poor little hungover soul.

peter chalk, essex university

12) It defeats the object of going to the gym if you’re already exhausted by the time you make it onto the treadmill

And that stupid hill feels steeper and longer every time you attempt it.

Exeter hill

13) Bringing your car to uni and having to purchase the obligatory car sticker 

You know, just to ensure you're not the only person in the whole of Exeter without one. 

Exeter university bumper sticker

14) Straining a muscle on the rare occasion that you use the forum revolving door instead of the disabled entrance.

Then refusing to use it again for at least another year.

Forum revolving door essex university

15) Only ever venturing into Best Kebab when the queue in Mega is too long

Couldn't tell you why, everyone knows Mega is just superior.

Mega Kebab/Best Kebab rivalry - Essex

16) Lasting until 1am in Timepiece on a Wednesday night as a fresher is a great achievement

And a rare one at that. Silly fresh.

Timepiece Essex University freshers

17) Heading for Exmouth at the first sign of sun in June

And realising as soon as you set off, that the whole of Exeter has had the same idea.

Exmouth lovely weather

18) Having to start queueing a good 60 years in advance if you want to attend post-exams cheesy Tuesdays

Or any Cheesys for that matter, Exeter does love a good bit of S Club.

Cheesy Tuesdays -  Exeter University

19) Never being able to 'quickly pop into' Pennsylvania Road Co-op 

You're guaranteed to bump into at least 6 people from your course, the weird kid that you lived with in halls and your one night stand from last week.

Pennsylvania road co-op Essex uni

20) A steady stream of orange VKs on a night out are the closest you’re getting to your ‘5 a day’

Who said that was a bad thing? 

Orange VK

21) Struggling to extract yourself from the floor of the Lemmy at the end of a Saturday night.

And tutting at how much alcohol must have been wasted to make any floor that sticky.

Lemmy Essex Uni

22) But it is the best university in the world and every Exeter student knows that

The University of Exeter

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