We are sure you can relate! We have all been there...

1. Forgetting your work

When you get to the library and realise that you forgot to email your work to yourself.

2. Seat wars

By the time you get back to the library after recovering your work, getting a seat is harder than that last exam that you failed.

3. Mixing Up Cards

When you need to print something out but you brought your nandos loyalty card instead of your library card. Maybe it's a sign from the Peri Peri gods...


4. Top Up Change

Once you’ve finally remembered to pack the correct card, you now need a bucket load of change from your £20 note to insert into the printer top-up machine.


5. Book hog-age

When you desperatley need a book for an essay but the person who currently has it keeps renewing their rental!


6. Computer hog-age

Seriously, all three of you are looking at ASOS. Why don’t you give it to someone who actually needs to use it… for work? AND WHY IS THAT PERSON SITTING AT A COMPUTER DESK BUT ONLY USING THEIR PERSONAL LAPTOP??? Is there a worse library crime?


7. Rumbling Belly

When you are in the silent room and your tummy is making SO much noise so you pretend it is not you.


8. Hunger’s Real

When all you want to do is grab a sandwich but you don’t want to leave your stuff in the library in case it gets nabbed, so you have to pack it all up to then return five minutes later.


9. Smelly Cat

When someone brings the world’s smelliest food in and starts eating it in the library. Put that lunchbox away, do not release the stench. I repeat, do not release the stench.


10. Too Organised

When you bring fifteen biros with you and they all don’t work so you have to buy some from the expensive library stock shop.


11. Spill-age

When you accidentally spill your sticky drink all over your work and the library desk… You now have to go and tell the grumpy librarian man… Or do you run for it? The fear is real!


12. The Libreekers

Like attention seekers but found in the library. These students enjoy speaking AS LOUDLY AS POSSIBLE and have the world’s most annoying laughs. Go. Away.


13. Password Change

When the computer has decided that you need to change your password and you accidentally log yourself out of your account.


14. Know-It-All

When you go to the library with someone who keeps telling you how much more research/revision/work they have done in comparison to you. Please, STOP!

15. Get. Out. Of. My. Way.

When you are on a mission to find a book but everyone else decides that they want to walk ridiculously slowly and not in single file.


16. Personal Space

When finally find the right zone for your book and someone comes down the same huge isle and looks on the shelf right next to you.


17. Cross-Over

When you have to switch from the computer you have been on all day to the 24 hour night-time suite, taking you out of ‘the zone’.


18. Rejected

When your library mate doesn’t show so you feel even less motivated than you did before.


19. Whoops

When you accidentally run over your book rental by a day and as you go to leave, the library security alarm goes off in front of everyone.


20. Strange Urges

When you have been in the library for so long that you get bored/slightly deranged and feel like doing the worm down the aisles or, alternatively, feel like standing on a chair and singing at the top of your lungs.


21. Cutie

When a cute guy/girl walks through the library doors and sits near you. You get so distracted that you can’t concentrate.


22. Given Up

When you’ve read the same line seventeen times and you realise that your concentration levels are now a no-go.  You know it's time to leave but you are too tired to even do that!


23. Mind Fart

You know you are wasting time typing absolute nonsense but, that is what is happening right now. You must reach that word count!


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