In exam season, there's nothing more boring than sitting in the library. Here's how to procrastinate to the max.

1. Simon says

Must be played at a whisper. Ideas include 'Simon says leave yourself logged into a library PC and disappear for four hours'.

2. Hide & Seek

Gather a handful of friends at the entrance to the library. Get one person to count to 100 whilst the others scatter across every floor of the library, including the toilets and the cafe. Could easily take an hour to find everyone.

3. Clapping Loudly and making people jump

Best done next to someone's ear, with a complete poker face, whilst someone films you.

4. Pretending to be a bookworm

This simply involves doing 'The Worm' up and down the aisles until you get tired.

5. Bogies

The old classic of competing to see who can shout "BOGIES" loudest without being evicted by an angry librarian.

6. Throwing stuff into the bin

You know that game on your phone where you toss virtual paper into a virtual bin? There's a real-life version of that.

7. Scavenger hunt for sandwiches

Make friends quickly by attaching clues to homemade sandwiches and creating a library-wide scavenger hunt.

8. Find the perfect spot in the library for A Little extra-curricular activity

*Disclaimer: You make be kicked out of university for this.

9. Silent snack eating competition - something loud

Gather your closest friends and compete to see who can eat the most of the loudest food as crunchily as possible before having Ulysses lobbed at their head by an irate third-year. Recommendations include: celery, Pringles, popping candy.

10. What’s the smelliest snack you can get away with

How long will your pilchard and picked onion sandwich last before someone throws up on your laptop?

11. Musical chairs

Because it's like a game of musical chairs trying to find a seat in the library during exam period, only it's played to the sound of sobbing first-year students.

12. Stupid hat competition

Every day, come in with a more ridiculous hat on and see how long it takes before you get a compliment.

13. Tag

No, you're it.

14. How many laps of the library can you do before someone tells you to sit down

Work in circles of ever-increasing speed.

15. When your mate leaves, you all swap seats and see if they notice

Most people are too sleep-deprived and caffeine-addled to notice.

16. Sweater swap

Pick someone as different in size to you as possible.

17. Paper aeroplane competition

Bonus points if one flies out of the library window.

18. Build a fort out of books

Make everyone hate you by removing 100 titles from the shelves and piling them around your desk before draping a sheet over the top. Look, a lovely desktop fort!

19. Bring your pet to uni

Exam procrastination

Dogs are the best bet - think of the delight they'll bring to your fellow students. Parrots are also fun.

20. Tell her/ Tell him

Be nice, everyone is on the verge of tears already.

21. Circle-punch game

Let out some of that exam stress aggression.

22. Flash mob

So what if it's been done to death? People still love the old classics.

23. Piggy Back Rides

See those dusty shelves from a new, fun perspective.

24. Wheelbarrow race

See the grimy carpet from a new, gross perspective.

25. Apple Bobbing

Equipment required, and try not to spill water on the computers.

26. Grandma’s footsteps

Best played with an unsuspecting librarian.

27. Duck, duck, goose

The goose might chase you down and punch you if you just distracted them from their dissertation.

28. Marco Polo

The only downside is that if you're blindfolded you can't run from the university security as easily.

29. Where’s Wally

Dress up and stand in the most crowded part of your library. Wait for your mates to spot you.

30. Heads Down thumbs up

Can also be incorporated into a nap.

Just so you know, your university might frown on all of these games. Please try not to be expelled.





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