Not sure what to do this summer? Check out the top 5 destinations in Europe for 2015!

Have the past few months been spent cooped up in the library, doing late night sessions in a last ditch attempt to meet your deadlines? Sound familiar? Well, now exams are over, you can put all that stress behind you. Having a 3 month summer holiday is one of the perks of being a student, so for the next few months, put down them study books and make it a summer to remember.

If however, having 3 months spent living at home is a scary realisation for you and summer has crept up on you far too quickly, fear not! Nothing can beat a better purchase than a summer getaway with the leftovers of that student loan. So whatever summer destination you are in search of, this guide highlights the top 5 summer hotspots that are going to kick of your summer 2015.


For summer festivals -  Split, Croatia

Worried about the lack of student nights out in the next 3 months? A fan of partying and summer festivals? Then look no further than Croatia. Over the past few years Croatia has grown to be the host of some of the best summer festivals there is on offer. Outlook Festival, Hideout and The Garden Festival are just a few reasons why Croatia has gained its status as a party destination. As well as being host to some of the wildest summer events, Croatia is still renowned for being a picturesque, sun filled holiday hotspot. Just a short journey inland from the region of Split, you’ll find yourself in the Plitvice Lakes National Park. Undoubtedly, one of the most remarkable natural sights Croatia has for you to explore. With all this summer fun, comes a price tag. Croatia, compared to other destinations can be slightly expensive; however, with all the summer events it offers and beautiful scenery, the price really does seem worth it.

For the best of both  - Barcelona, Spain

If you cannot decide on a holiday for sightseeing or simply laying in the sun, then Barcelona is a perfect mix of the two. Barcelona has the perks of city living, whilst being located next to the beach. If relaxing on a beach is not enough and you want a bit more excitement; the hustle and bustle of Barcelona city is a short walk away from its long stretch of sandy beach. If you are a sports lover, then Barcelona is your ideal location. Home to one of the most renowned football teams in the world, Barcelona’s Camp Nou has to top your to-do list. Even if you are visiting on a budget, the city if full of free experiences for you to go and explore; highly recommended is a visit to the font magica, a stroll down La Rambla and a trip to marvel at the Sagrada Familia. Whatever your plans are the entire city is easily accessible by the metro, meaning you’ll never be too far away from anything. Barcelona is the ultimate destination for delivering an everything-in-one summer getaway.

For a cheap getaway - Amsterdam, Netherlands

This list would not be complete without Amsterdam taking one of the top spots. Amsterdam has to hold the status of being one of the most unique cities there is in Europe. Due to its popular student vibe, it is a hotspot for most students travelling on a budget. Just a short flight away and plenty of money still left in your pocket, Amsterdam is a popular choice for a student summer getaway. Attracting tourists from all over the world to its quirky culture and wild nightlife, there is plenty for you to explore. Like many tourists, pedal your way around the city by bike, making sure you visit Amsterdam’s top cultural sights. To top the list is a visit to Anne Frank’s house, exploring one of the numerous museums and a stroll through Amsterdam’s infamous Red Light District. Overall, Amsterdam is probably the cheapest summer getaway you’ll find this summer and most definitely one of the highest recommended.

For nightlife - Ibiza, Spain

Famous for its nightlife and status as the ultimate party island for students; Ibiza is that one summer destination that is a must at least once in your life. And there is no better time to visit than the summer during university. Not only does it offer some of the best nightlife any party island could offer, its coastline is also scattered with golden, sandy beaches to keep you busy until the night arrives. Despite having a stereotype of being too expensive, especially for the typical student budget, there are in fact some great summer deals to be snapped up this summer.

For a cultured city break - Budapest, Hungary

The Eastern European city is split by the river into the two sides, Buda and Pest, which come together to host some of the most unique cultural experiences within Europe. The city attracts travellers for its ruin bars, striking architecture and relaxing spas, which, after a long day exploring, its unique spas offer the perfect holiday wind down. For the festival searchers, Budapest is also famous for its summer festival, Sziget music festival. So once you have finished soaking up all the excitement of the city, make sure you take the time out to experience this popular European festival. Overall, just like many other European city breaks, Budapest can be done on a small budget and reached by just a short flight - the perfect combination for a quick summer escape. 

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