We've teamed up to bring you the ultimate guide to personalising your student accommodation.

When you first arrive at your student accommodation, it might seem exciting – you finally have your own space to do with as you wish.  Then you realise that it means you are responsible for making the space your own!  The good news is that personalising your student accommodation can be great fun, doesn’t require loads of interior design skills and doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

The noticeboard

personalise your student accommodation - noticeboard

One of the must-have items for any student accommodation is the noticeboard and it can be about a lot more than just reminding yourself when your lessons are or about things you need to do.  You can put up a few family pictures or shots of you with your friends, even your favourite pet – anything that reminds you of home.  Pop up birthday or congratulations cards, recipes you want to try, inspiration quotes, anything that makes you feel good when you look at it.


personalise your student accommodation - storage

Most types of accommodation will have some storage offered and if you go for a luxury style accommodation, you might have plenty of space.  However much room you have, look to make the storage tidy, bright and practical.  Rather than just stacking stuff on a shelf, use brightly coloured boxes or magazine files – you can even buy them from places like Ikea and paint them yourself.  Also, invest in a dirty washing basket and your parents will be impressed when they visit – assuming you remember to use it!


personalise your student accommodation - fairy lights

Sure, lighting in your room will be in place when you arrive but there’s nothing to stop you adding a lamp or other types of lights to make the room more the atmosphere you want.  Candles are often banned from rooms for safety reasons but there are colour changing lamps and even electric candles that can bring a nice mood to the room.


personalise your student accommodation - posters

Posters are like a noticeboard, a great way to personalise your student accommodation.  Almost every student union will either sell them or recommend where you can get them from.  Whether they feature your favourite band, actor or even a motivational image, they allow you to have something that is about you on the walls.  Remember to use something like Blu-tack to put them up as you might get into trouble if you use pins or tacks and mark the walls.

The bed

personalise your student accommodation - the bed

In student accommodation, the bed is often the main piece of furniture in the room and therefore you can use the bed linens as a way to further personalise the room.  Reversible bedding is a great way to get two looks from one set of bedding and you can use the colours in the bedding to choose little accents around the room, from the colour of the boxes on your shelves to the pins on your noticeboard.

Making your student accommodation personalised makes it feel more like home and if you can bring things from your bedroom there then this helps too.  It is also the first place that is yours and offers the chance to start discovering what you like to help when you move up into a flat or house of your own at a later date.

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