Ignore the haters, Valentine's Day is cool and you should enjoy it.

A lot of people don’t like Valentine’s Day. In fact, we even wrote about how it’s the worst on Student Hut earlier in the week. But it’s not the worst. In fact it’s alright, maybe even *quite good*. Here’s why:

It’s actually about something worth celebrating

If you’ve ever been (or intend to be) in a good relationship, Valentine’s Day should make sense to you. It’s more personal than Halloween, less stressful than Christmas and is grounded in relatively little daft religious stuff (unless you’re actually celebrating the martyrdom of St. Valentine but we’re going to assume that you’re not).  It’s about sharing a day with the person you love, or at least like enough to eat, drink and sleep with. Dedicating one of 2016’s 366 nights to that doesn’t seem that outrageous.

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It can be about whatever you want

Because you only really have to celebrate Valentine’s Day with one other person it’s really easy to end up doing something that you actually want to do (provided you can agree with your partner, admittedly not guaranteed). If you want to make a big day out of it and drop £500 on rose petals for your bath or floor or whatever, go for it! If you want to get in your pjs, build a fort and watch 16 consecutive episodes of Parks and Rec, that’s great too! To put it another way, Valentine’s Day never makes you eat sprouts or forces you to make forced conversation with your mum’s second cousin at a family dinner.

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Its traditions are Pretty good

Most of the stuff we buy for the big seasonal holidays is basically tat. Halloween decorations, stocking fillers, cheap Easter eggs: it’s all shiny and exciting until the day passes and the festivities end. Look at the stereotypical Valentine’s Day in contrast: good food, fancy chocolates, nice wine and sex. What’s not to like there?

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Your partner is much better company than your family

Controversial? Perhaps. This might depend on your relationship (and your family) but it can’t be denied that there’s something about true romance that trumps just about every other kind of affection. Spending a day just indulging in that feeling is a pretty special thing and is definitely something to be celebrated.

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In recent years the anti-Valentine’s movement has become so big that there are now loads of great activities for singles to do too. This is a good thing- the worst part of a holiday for couples is that it’s by necessity a bit exclusive. If you really don’t want to run the risk of being surrounded by all that syrupy emotion, head down to one of the numerous events for individuals or band together with people in the same situation. It’s just as valid a reason for enjoying yourself.

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It doesn’t really matter. Don’t be so cynical!

Is Valentine’s Day a bit silly and corporate? Well yes, but so are lots of good things in life. Valentine’s is best enjoyed as a bit of fun, a day spent with the person you love doing the things you love. It’s not worth getting stressed over, whatever your relationship status. Go and celebrate it or don’t. Just enjoy what you do and try to make other people feel good too.  

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