The University experience can be many things, but it leaves us all with some unanswered questions. Here are some of our favourites.


There are many questions yet to be answered in life: Why are we here? What happens when we die? Why does round pizza come in a square box? University should be educating us in how to answer these questions. But instead, it leaves us with MORE things we have no explanation for.

1.  The one time I say no to a night out, it's the best night ever

All sufferers of FOMO have experienced this. It can be hard to say no to a night out, but when that essay deadline calls sometimes no is the best option. But how come the one night I do say no the night goes down in history as something out of Project X? How am I supposed to stay in and do work when you can hear your friends having the time of their lives at pres in the kitchen? It is impossible!

2. How can I go from no work to suddenly drowning in exams and deadlines?

One week you’re floating on a cloud - minimal work to do, your days are free to socialise and nights are free to party. Then the first Monday back hits you in the face like a tonne of bricks. Suddenly you’ve got 3 essays, 4 lots of reading, 2 exams and you’re back to hermit crabbing in the library. There is never an in-between stage.

3. Has anyone ever gone into the library and managed to find a seat on their first lap?

Deadline season is approaching fast. You get to the library at the crack of dawn, £3 meal deal and coffee in hand, with full confidence that your favourite seat will be free. Low and behold, the library has never been more full. You lap each floor twice over hoping someone will get up and leave like a car waiting for a parking space. The false hope of spotting an empty chair and then seeing someone has left their bag on it is just heart-breaking – how is that not against library rules?

4. Does buying a meal deal have any positive effect on the LIBRARY EXPERIENCE?

A meal deal is essential to the library experience as much as a pencil case, notepad or laptop. Everyone around you can be seen munching on crisps and sandwiches and it feels utterly wrong to face a day in the library without one. Every time you try and save money and take a measly packed lunch, the day just doesn’t feel the same!

5. Has anyone ever had a good seminar group?

One thing everyone can agree on is group projects are the WORST. Whether you’re the person who ends up doing everything or you’re the person who signs their name on the presentation but contributes nothing – everyone would rather just do it on their own. You begin dreading going to seminars and asking “has anyone done the reading?” and being faced with a deathly silence. You make a group chat and arrange to meet up but there’s always one person who doesn’t turn up and gives you a fake excuse like “I have food poisoning”. They forget we all saw the snapchats of them throwing up in the club toilets at 3am.

6. Why did my parents iron everything but at university I am yet to turn my iron on?

Parents just make extra jobs for themselves. My mum would iron every item of my clothing yet at uni I am yet to get the iron out and even if I do have a small crease – nothing a run over with the hair-straighteners can’t fix! Either my clothes crease more at home or the iron is not as essential as my parents make it out to be.


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