Because we all think that the iLancaster App is a little bit too friendly...

1. iLancaster App = Arkangel app from S4E2 Arkangel

Probably the most obvious on this list, the Attendance Hub feature on the iLancaster app could easily be something straight out of Charlie Brooker’s own mind. It needs to know where you are pretty much every second of the academic year and snitches on you if you aren’t where you’re meant to be. Talk about clingy.

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2. Tinder = The System from S4E4 Hang The DJ

There, I said it. It’s a constant cycle of swiping right, meeting up with them in Sugar and ending up with the most awkward walks of shame known to mankind. Especially if it turned out that they go to the University of Cumbria...

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3. That one creepy guy in your Halls = S4E1 Robert Daly from USS Callister 

Okay, sure. So they can’t trap you in a virtual reality just to punish you over the most mediocre stuff possible, but they can make your life a living hell all the same. There’s nothing worse than just wanting a cuppa and ending up trapped in the kitchen alone with them – you know you’ll be leaving with their life story and without the will to live.

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4. Alex Square’s newest TV screen (AKA money waster) = S1E2 15 Million Merits

You know how every time you walk down Alex Square and idle messages pop up on that new, huge TV Screen outside the library? It’s veeeery similar to 15 Million Merits, where the people on bikes spend their time being idle and watching pointless adverts. Maybe I’m just bitter about money that could have gone on the Spine being spent on that TV instead.

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5. College Rivalries = MASS from S3E5 Men Against Fire

It’s not quite as extreme, granted, but nobody can deny that college rivalries alter how you see someone. If you’re from Bowland, chances are, you won’t look anyone from Lonsdale in the eye, and, well… Everyone knows what you can’t spell County without.

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6. LUSU Elections = S2E3 The Waldo Moment

Now, we all know that LUSU is a joke 9 times out of 10 anyway. And we also know that one guy that runs in the LUSU elections just for the bants, only to go on and be elected and suddenly regret ALL life choices. It was never going to end well, and yet every year the same thing happens. Fact.

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All in all, Lancaster is probably the primary inspiration for Black Mirror, so Charlie Brooker should just go ahead and sign us all up as extras now, yeah?

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