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Revision: A hellish nuisance of a task and probably what you should be doing right now. Since revision itself is so mind-numbingly dull the only way to make it vaguely enjoyable is by having a top-notch revision break to look forward to. We’ve been thinking - there are a lot of fun-filled activities we all did as kids that could really spice up your study breaks...

1. Sleep

Naps were rudely taken away from us in primary school but it’s time for them to make a comeback. Uni without naps is like chips without ketchup - just wrong. Regular naps are great - but in moderation or else they’ll leave you feeling sluggish. Also, if you sleep on your textbooks you’re basically still revising (via osmosis).

Taking a revision nap

2. 5 Minute Dance Party

What better way to let off steam than cranking up your favourite song and dancing around your bedroom. (Tip: if you’re in the library head to a private study room so as not to disrupt fellow library-goers). Get your housemates involved - it could be your only social interaction of the day after all!

Dancing in your bedroom at university

3. Build a Fort

Create a literal barrier to revision by building a blanket fort. Be careful not to incorporate hours of Netflix watching - it will mark the end of any work for the day.

Building a blanket fort

4. Find out your future

What better way to pass the time than predicting your future? After doing some extensive research it appears that there are 2 childhood pastimes which do a particularly excellent job (warning: may cause nostalgia).

a) Make a chatterbox

We’re not suggesting you engage in excessive talking during your revision break, so if you don’t know what a chatterbox is the phrases “pick a colour” and “pick a number” may bring it all back to you. Find out insightful information about your future or even use it to play truth or dare.


b) M.A.S.H.

Times have changed since the days of scribbling it down on a piece of paper and thanks to technological advances you can now play M.A.S.H. online (but we would recommend the pen and paper version #oldschool). Define your future and find out whether you need to even bother continuing to revise...

Playing M.A.S.H. game at university

5. Play Hide and Seek

Often wrongly categorised as a game purely for children, hide and seek will help you escape from your revision reality.

Playing Hide and Seek at University

6. Tidy your bedroom

Tidying your bedroom was probably something you avoided as a child, but you’ll be surprised at how appealing tidying can be when it’s pitted up against the prospect of more revision. Tidy space, tidy mind and all that.

Tidying your bedroom at university

7. Read Student Hut Articles

Okay, obviously reading Student Hut articles wasn’t something you did when you were younger (only because we’ve only been around a few years…) but if you can’t resist the urge to stay offline during your revision break Student Hut is where you should be.  

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