Made it to your 9am with two hours sleep, the lingering smell of lager and a false eyelash glued to your cheek? You think you'd be the first but oh no - these classic student looks have been worn by the masses!


1. The “Incognito” Look

Your deadline was two days ago, but you need to go to class to pick up notes. A dark, plain colour palette is ideal for blending in with the monochrome walls of the lecture theatre, and sunglasses will make you completely unrecognisable. You should consider espionage. Too warm? Oh, no, you’re entirely comfortable in your five layers of clothing…

Woman wearing hoodie and glasses

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2. The “(Hang)over it” Look

It’s the next morning. Or is it? Oh wait, it’s 1pm. You think. The numbers are a little blurry. Class is in five minutes, but you’re afraid to check the mirror; despite what Tumblr quotes may tell you, these eyebags are not designer, and no amount of concealer will cover up this baggage. But wait! Your makeup from last night (who actually removes it before bed, anyway?) has travelled across your face – you may have left your eyebrows on the pillow, but your eye-shadow is covering up all your mistakes. Pair this look with a stoic, I-eat-muesli-for-breakfast expression, and you’ve got this – no one will be able to tell you’re hungover when your eyebags are this sparkly.

Woman sparkly make up

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3. The “Ready to Dye” Look

When it’s been months since your last haircut (coincidentally, the same amount of time since your mum last saw you face-to-face), and there’s no more time to mullet over – it’s been too long, and a ponytail just won’t cut it anymore. The sports coat is optional for this annual trip, but the socks-and-sliders combo is essential; you got up early for this, you deserve maximum comfort.

Woman with very long hair

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4. The “Sporty Spice” Look

Your Nike order has arrived. Today’s the day: you become a gym lad. Your form-fitting outfit and matching shoes are sure to wow at the gym, so no one will notice that your machine is on the lowest setting – hey, we all start somewhere. By the end, like the bouquet, you too are wilting underneath it all and are moments away from collapsing onto the floor. Also, at some point your eyeshadow was on your eyelids, but it’s a remarkable feat that it’s still on your face, so you should be proud.

Woman in gym clothes

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5. The “Frozen 2” Look

One month into your new house with your mates. One month without turning the heating on. Your eyelashes are starting to form icicles, your lips are frozen in position, but you will survive – you are wearing Primark’s entire thermal collection, à la your family’s cool-bag. The cold never bothered you anyway.

Cold Bill Murray

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6. The “Those we love most stay with us forever” Look

Congratulations, you got out of bed! Kind of – it’s totally okay to wear your duvet to the kitchen. And then to the supermarket when you realise there’s no food in the kitchen. It be like that sometimes.

Cat poking head from under duvet

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