Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good night in browsing through Netflix with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s and 3 blankets, but is it really the best thing since sliced bread?

1. There’s no student plan

Need I say more? It’s 2019! Amazon Prime comes with super quick delivery AND a bunch of great shows (including 14 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy and the entirety of Parks and Rec) at £4.99 a month. Come on Netflix, help a student out.

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2. A lot of the stuff on it isn’t good

Honestly, it takes me a while to actually find a series or movie that I like. There are great Netflix originals like OITNB and The Umbrella Academy, but a lot of what’s on it is kind of rubbish. Like, do we need THAT many cooking shows?

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3. “Are you still watching?”

Yes, I am still watching. Procrastinating is a sport. Stop judging me Netflix.

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4. It takes ages for new seasons to be added

I’ve been waiting for season 5 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine to be on Netflix for a year. Where is it, Netflix? Where?

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5. The subtitles could use some… work

Yes, a lot of the Netflix originals have the new, easy-to-read subtitles that are nice and accurate, but most of the content has the old, weird font subtitles that are riddled with errors. Plus, the languages available are way too limited. Netflix has to have enough money to fix this if they can hire Will Smith to do a ridiculous alien-cop-comedy-disaster movie.

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6. There’s no “hide” button

You know when you start watching something and immediately decide it’s not for you and shut it off? It would be nice if you didn’t have to see a thumbnail of it every time you open Netflix right? Seriously, why isn’t there an option to hide certain titles you have no interest in? No, I don’t want to continue watching that, I would like it to leave.

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7. They keep cancelling awesome series

Luke Cage. The Get Down. The Break with Michelle Wolf. Sense8(!) All these were axed totally before their time. Why let us become invested in characters just to snatch them away without closure? *Eye roll*.

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I’m not saying you should cancel your subscription (hell, even I won’t do that) but you have to admit that Netflix is far from perfect and needs some serious revamping…

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