Considering an Erasmus year abroad but not quite sure yet? Well, we've put together some reasons about why going abroad to study at university is a great idea.


1. It’s compulsory for some

Well, this one’s an obvious one. If you’re studying for a languages degree at uni, they’re generally 4 year courses with one whole year to be spent at a university in a country of your chosen language. And arguably, it’s probably the most important year of all if you’re studying the native tongue of our European neighbours. Being surrounded by native speakers means you’ll get the opportunity to cement your speaking fluency and comprehension skills, and that you’ll return to good ol’ blighty with a mastery of the Spanish drawl.


2. You’ll meet people from around the world and probably make loads of friends

Many universities nowadays are really cosmopolitan places, and you’ll find when you go to the likes of Paris, Barcelona, and Berlin, there are students from all around the world who came for the exact same reasons you did. Their cultures, mannerisms, and outlook on life will most likely be a world away from how you think and behave, but that’s the beauty of it. You’ll get the opportunity to socialise and converse with people who have a whole different take on life, and most likely become really good friends with one another.


3. You’ll get to travel, live, and explore an unknown place to you

A lot of people in their early twenties get that itching sense of wanderlust, and an Erasmus year is an ideal method to satisfy that feeling. Do you want to go a remote, idyllic German village in Bavaria and see the sunrise? Do you feel like disconnecting from the world, just exploring a place and seeing where it takes you? Would you like to discover for yourself the daily grind of urban life in a city you’ve never even heard of? An Erasmus year abroad offers the chance for you to do so.

4. You’ll get to learn the language

If you’re not a languages student already, doing an Erasmus year in a country where you don’t speak the native tongue is a great opportunity for you to learn. Many languages have their own quirks and daily slang in conversation that is impossible to learn purely from grammar textbooks and in a classroom environment. For example, the French for ‘I am’, ‘je suis’ is often abbreviated by native speakers so it sounds like ‘schwee’. Studying abroad therefore offers you an ideal and unique opportunity to learn and practise the language first-hand. 

5. You become more responsible and independent


Does this sound really cheesy? As much as when people say that if you go travelling you’ll ‘find yourself’? But it does go without saying, going to live and study abroad will definitely make you more responsible and independent. You can’t rely on your parents to bail you out if something goes wrong, so you’ll have to wise up and learn to look out for yourself and your well-being.

6. It is open to all

Did you always think an Erasmus year abroad was only open to certain subjects? Well think again. You don’t have to be a languages student to qualify for taking on a Erasmus year abroad. You can study anything from Art History to Zoology, but any student from any academic discipline can participate. As long as you fit the criteria set out here, you’re eligible.

7. You can get a grant for Studying Abroad

Many UK students who are considering doing the Erasmus program can also receive quite sizeable monthly grants: up to €430 in a high cost of living countries and up to €380 in low cost of living countries (click here for more details). Contributions vary depending on the country, but they do make a difference and can be helpful to figuring out your expenses and budgets abroad.

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