I don’t need to tell you how much every Exeter student will miss university once they graduate, the same way that I don’t need to tell you how amazing it is.

So, why will an Exeter student miss university once they graduate? Hmmm... Well, everyone who goes there understands that there really is no other place quite like it! Thus, we have accumulated a list of the fond memories that will keep that warm, fuzzy feeling around your chest area for many years to come. (cry, cry)

First things first. Let’s start with the most unlikely…

The hills:

Yep, that’s right. You may think that you completely disagree with me at this moment in time but just you wait. You’ll start your first office job which will be conveniently located close to your professional house share and you’ll accidentally start to pile on the pounds. That’s when something even more dreadful has to happen… You actually have to take time out of your day to exercise and burn those cookies off. Boy, do you take advantage of what those hills have to offer! Trust me, it’s much less work than actually gym-ing (ew).


The nights out:

While the night-life may not be as sought after in comparison to the likes of Manchester or Bristol, it has still got those good, old, reliable clubs. I’m sure you’ve had many a memorable night in at least one of these: Mosaic, Timepiece, Lemon Grove. Yeah, okay, the opening hours aren’t brilliant but that just gives us all an excuse to either go to a post night out house party orrrrrrrrrrrrr (continue on to my next point).


Post night out:

You know what I’m going to talk about now. If you don’t, I think you need to re-evaluate your university experience, possibly build a time machine and go back to making the most of this beauty. Sidwell Street. How many times did you end up here after a night out? Bet you can’t count it on both hands!


The nature:

Goodbye on-campus trees, Goodbye Exmoor, Goodbye close beaches. I must return to my cage and fly back to suburbia.


Revision spots:

This one might raise eyebrows. Revision? After uni, surely it is no more? Well, yes. However, you’ll miss those amazing revision spots such as Cathedral Green. It’s that sense of being surrounded by people but being entirely immersed in your own world in the outside world. Fresh air, a clear head and focus - it really is something that we totally take advantage of while we are there. Just wait until you are stuck in a stuffy, atmosphere-less office (boo).



While the chains can be very pleasing, we had the pure joy and fortune of having some top notch eateries right on our door stop! To name but a few: The Old Firehouse, The Imperial, Base and Barley, The Rusty Bike. What other students can say that they ate at the same place that JK Rowling got the idea for The Leaky Cauldron from? Only Exeter students!


End of Year Memories:

Hijacked festival and Exefest - those were the days! How many university students get to say that they got to go to not one, but two festivals, in their university town? What a way to bring the year to an end and say goodbye to your university mates for the Summer… Until it’s the last time (pass me the tissues).

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So, there you have it… 7 things that every exeter student will miss about university once they graduate!

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