There are loads of articles and blog posts about how great going back to uni is, so we thought we'd provide you with something to level the playing field a little!

Check out our selection of the slightly less appealing features of university life that all students love to hate!


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How is anyone even supposed to make it to a 9am lecture, let alone concentrate on whatever the lecturer is droning so unenthusiastically on about? If you can make it through a lecture at this early hour without your eyes closing or your head drooping, we salute you!


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It’s simultaneously super exciting and somewhat heartbreaking to see all of your money disappearing on food. You vowed to spend less on takeaways and you really meant it, but the sensible voice in your head is frequently silenced by delicious temptation.


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You are totally capable of standing and making yourself a nice healthy meal, buuuut you could also just have pasta or noodles. Every night. With the odd takeaway thrown in. There's nothing wrong with that, right? There's plenty of variety to your diet!

always being COLD

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How are student houses always so cold? We know differences in opinion about the central heating are sometimes to blame, but, short of completing a stint in the Arctic, it seems very little could prepare you for the kind of cold that seems to exist only in student houses!


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Talking of student houses, we have to ask: why is the bin always overflowing? And where on earth did that mountain of dirty dishes come from? The sink was empty and clean two seconds ago! And let's not even get started on the mouldy bowl in the corner...


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Walking is better both for the environment and for you, but there’s still something a little disheartening about walking everywhere - not least because you're at uni during the rainiest months of the year! When you do get sick of being rained on and decide to get the bus, it’s slow and overcrowded and uncomfortable. Suffice to say you miss your car!


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How is it that you can shampoo and condition your hair, shave, do a face scrub and wash all in 7 minutes, but your housemate, who has barely any hair, never seems to take less than an hour? It's not always an issue, but those households with 4+ people sharing a bathroom, we feel your (bladder) pain!

So there you have it, the 7 worst things about being back at uni. But with all that being said, we know you still wouldn't want to be anywhere else!

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