Words can't describe how lucky these lot are.

Mention ‘student halls’ to someone and it traditionally evokes imagery of spartan living, sinks filled to the brim with dirty dishes, and bathrooms...that *urgh*...aren’t very pleasant to say the least. But there’s also the other side: student accomodation that is fit for royalty. Below, we’ve put together a list of some of the most mind-blowing student halls accommodation around. So ladies and gentlemen, get ready to oooh and ahhhh...

1. Woodside House, Glasgow


Why go to the library when you can revise on one of these cushty sofas and then play a casual game of fuzzball?

2. ViBe Student Living, Kingston-Upon-Thames

These lucky [insert profanity here] residents of ViBe Student Living get the luxury of a personal cinema. A CINEMA. And there’s us lot who watch Games of Thrones on our tiny iPhones thinking it’s great.

3. Eclipse, Cardiff

Well, you know what they say about Scandi-cool design - it’s boring, dull, and there’s no vitality in it at all. I definitely wouldn’t want to live in this room, I’ll take my snug, photo plastered bedroom any day of the week….I’M SUCH A LIAR. THIS ROOM IS TOO PERFECT.

4. John Bell House, Belfast

Imagine rustling up a bangin’ breakfast in that kitchen or a nice, hearty meal when you return home after a lecture… for most of the us, the only rustler we can count upon in life is this:

5. Nova, Nottingham

Who wants such an amazingly designed kitchen/living room that you can relax, party, and socialise in anyways? Everyone knowsthat you end up hating your housemates in the end anyways.

6. IQ, Shoreditch

Look at those armchairs...I can imagine they open some 30 year old bourbon and regale one another about their day. But what would I do? Knowing me and mates, we’d probably crack open the Stella and then amuse ourselves by getting on each other’s Tinder. Wheeeeyyyy!

7. Mercury House, Bournemouth

4 words: Breakfast. In. Bed. Everyday.

8. Crown House, Sheffield

Lovely soft bed? Check. Extremely comfortable reading armchair? Check. Revision table with optimum space? Check. Cute table that I can eat at alone or with friends? Check. This is the sort of room where you would literally just Netflix and chill.


So there you have it, 8 of the most stunning and mind-blowing student halls across the country. Have you enjoyed reading this article? Then why not check out another great piece of content: https://www.studenthut.com/articles/what-does-your-degree-choice-say-about-you

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