Stevie Wonder’s not blind and Justin Bieber’s a lizard... Trust me, it gets worse...


1. Lindsey Lohan had a twin which Disney murdered

This theory goes that the twins in Parent Trap were real-life twins and Disney murdered Lindsey’s twin, ‘Kelsey’, because she wasn’t as good of an actress as her twin sister and they wanted Lindsey to be the star. Maybe they murdered her because of her awful English accent?

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2. Britney Spears was paid to take attention away from the Bush administration

Remember when Britney Spears went off the rails and shaved her head?! Yes, we all remember that… Which is exactly what the government intended. They paid Britney Spears to take away the attention from everything Bush was ballsing up. And of course, we don’t remember any of that… Oh, wait…

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3. Stevie Wonder isn’t blind

Stevie Wonder caught a falling microphone and that apparently blew his cover… I mean, you can walk around pretending your blind but you’re not fooling any of us. Because making up that you’re blind and having to fake it for the REST of your life makes TOTAL sense… right?

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4. Justin Bieber is a lizard

This originated from Justin Bieber’s mug shot in which he blinked really really fast. So fast, that the only possible explanation was that he must be a lizard. In all honesty, this conspiracy is right, Justin Bieber is another species of human being, but he’s not a lizard, he’s just a dick.

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5. Avril Lavigne died and was replaced with an imposter

Remember how in the early 00’s Avril Lavigne made the transformation from tom-boy skater girl to cute ‘I can be your girlfriend’ nice girl? The only logical explanation for this is that the old Avril Lavigne must have died and been replaced with an imposter who looks EXACTLY like the old one, with slightly different hair colour. Go figure…

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6. Louis from 1D pretended to have a baby to cover up his relationship with Harry Styles

Apparently, Louis from 1D has a secret relationship with Harry Style’s so they decided to invent Louis having a baby to cover it up and divert attention away from suspicious fans.

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7. Taylor Swift is a satanist

Okay, this one I can believe. That woman is PURE evil. The uncanny lookalike between Tay-tay and the daughter of the founder of the Church of Satan sparked rumours that Taylor is, in fact, a Satanist…

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8. Beyonce was never pregnant

After her stomach crumpled up in a seemingly impossible way, rumours flew around about how Beyonce wasn’t actually pregnant. Once again, never mind a funny camera angle, a baggy dress or any of those 'logical' explanations, her faking her pregnancy makes total sense.

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Whether you believe them to be true or not, you have to admit, they're downright bizarre...

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