There are some things that every uni should have!

Everyone seems to have this inherent idea that their university is the best and all others pale in comparison... Unfortunately, you can't all be right!  Even so, you meet up with your friends from back home and exchange stories while secretly thinking "I’m so glad I went to the uni I’m at".

However, there are those occasions that your bubble of smugness is burst as you hear something so incredible happening at another uni, you immediately wish your uni had it too. Whether it’s a certain nightclub, or a society, or anything else, you begin to momentarily doubt your ‘perfect uni’!

To be honest, every uni has things which are less good and things which are awesome. However, there are some things which are so epic every university should have them. And here they are…

A Nap-Nook - UEA

Instead of sleeping on books in the library, the University of East Anglia have opened a nap-nook so students can catch up on some sleep on campus in the middle of the day. Students can book out a pod to get some shut eye which comes with cushions, pillows and even eye-masks. Apparently, they are monitored, so anyone who has desires to get intimate on campus will have to stick to a disabled toilet in the library.

Above: The Nap-Nook! The most natural thing in the world...

Baking Technology Management – London South Bank

It’s a fact that university and baking go hand-in-hand. At London South Bank they have taken this concept that one step further and offer it as a degree. So next time you are in the library until 4am panicking over an assignment, just think you could have been getting a 1st and eating delicious chocolate brownies at the same time!

The Puppy Room – Dalhousie University (Canada)

University is stressful and cute animals de-stress students, so it seems only logical that every university has a room full of cute animals… or maybe even a whole building (do unis really need a sociology department?!). Some universities in the UK have had cute animals on campus during exams but they should follow in the footsteps of Dalhousie University in Canada and get a whole room of puppies!

Halls in a Castle – Durham University

Halls are a lot of fun but are usually quite basic flat blocks with lots of rooms crammed in. Not in Castle College at Durham University… they have rooms in a castle. The rooms probably aren’t that different to other halls, but it must be pretty epic coming back from a night out in a crocodile onesie with cheesy chips and head into a castle to go to bed. The halls bar is pretty spectacular too.

A Library that looks like this – John Hopkins University (America)

If your uni had a library that looked as epic as this one, you may inspired to do more work. Am I right?! Being in most university libraries involves looking for books that aren’t actually there (but are there according to the online catalogue) and fighting freshers for plug sockets. With the George Peabody Library in Baltimore, you surely wouldn’t disrespect this magnificent building by going on Facebook and watching cat videos.

Mario Kart Society – University of Essex

It is still the greatest video game ever made and every university should be celebrating this by dedicating a society to its greatest. If students were as competitive with their degree marks as they are with Mario Kart, there would be a lot more Firsts! University of Essex lead the way in Mario Kart appreciation and all other unis need to catch up.

UV Squash – University of Warwick

If you like the idea of combining a rave and squash, you’ll probably like UV Squash. It’s played in the normal way but the lights are off! There are pumping tunes in the background, glow in the dark (UV) clothing, lines, rackets and ball, so you can actually see something. It’s part of an initiative to get more people into sport and has worked really well. So it could be coming to your uni soon.

Good nights out at the SU – University of Sheffield

Let’s face it most Student Unions struggle to put on good nights out. Whether it’s the overly strict bouncers, lack of drinks deals or the fact it’s at the same place you have just spent 10 hours in the library, many Unions just get it wrong. This is not the case for the Sheffield Student Union, as they have been voted as having the best nightlife of any union. Usually they will have 3 busy nights out per week, including Poptarts, Ey-Up and Roar, all offering different music and themes!

Above: Well... they're good nights out until the ceiling collapses at Roar!

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