Excited to start your A-Levels? Missing your GCSE days? Here are 8 reasons why you should be nostalgic for secondary school!


Don’t mind me, I’ll just wait here until someone invents the time machine so I can be fifteen again

1. The work never ends.

You have a third of the number of classes but three times the workload. I'm not great at Maths, but something about that just doesn't add up.

2. Free time? No such thing.

Doing eight or nine GCSEs is tough, but when you realise "doing your A-Levels" really meant having a part-time job, completing coursework, squeezing in homework, doing wider reading, writing your personal statement, joining clubs and reading books so you actually have something to put on your personal statement, making choices that may impact your future, trying to maintain some semblance of a social life all while attempting to retain a reasonable amount of sanity, GCSEs seem quite appealing.

3. And seeing your friends? Good luck with that.

Remember when you could go to your friends' houses after school any time you wanted (as long as your mum let you)? Now, if you're lucky, you might go out with your friends about once a term - and wherever you go, one of your other friends probably works there.

4. No more nap time.

We all had that one teacher where you could sleep through their entire class and you wouldn't miss a thing. In an A Level class, blink and you have two weeks' worth of catching up to do.

5. In fact, sleep? I don’t know her.

6. Half of your year group become strangers.

At GCSE, moving around classes all the time meant you got to see a lot of different people. At A Level, you'll see the same twenty people every. single. day.

7. No more messing around in Sports classes.

...I mean, working really hard in Sports classes at GCSE. Definitely not making up dance routines with your friends. Nope.

8. Time goes too quickly.

You feel like you'll be messing about in school with your friends forever at GCSE but at A Level, you get ready to say goodbye.

As a wise woman once said - 

When you're fifteen

Feeling like there's nothing to figure out

Well, count to ten, take it in

This is life before you know who you're gonna be

Who knew Taylor Swift could be so inspirational?


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