"Something has changed on your UCAS Application..."

Waiting to hear back from UCAS is one of the most stressful times in a Sixth formers life. For most, a lot of hard work and effort has gone into the application, and the next few years of your life are hanging in the balance. A mixture of emotions are experienced on the roller coaster ride that is the UCAS application process - So we’ve compiled a list of the 9 most common emotions you’re bound to feel while waiting to hear back from UCAS.

1. Excitement

You’ve just submitted your UCAS application. Forget getting into a uni - this is a massive achievement in itself. You’re pretty chuffed with yourself after countless hours spent crafting the perfect personal statement and even more hours spent waiting for your school to approve your application. You’re feeling optimistic and excited to hear back from your choices. You are the perfect applicant after all.

excited about submitting UCAS application

2. Trust

You place all your trust in UCAS. Your application is top notch so there's really nothing to worry about!  You are calm and collected, and you know it’s just a waiting game - obsessing over it won’t change anything.

UCAS application it will be ok

3. Anticipation

A week has passed. No news. Why?! Some of your classmates are starting to get offers - it’s so unfair! They don’t deserve it! You read their applications and thought they were CRAP. You eagerly await any updates, constantly refreshing UCAS track.

refreshing UCAS track

4. Surprise

Just when you were beginning to lose hope, an email arrives: “Something has changed on your application.” How mysterious... what does this mean? An offer? A rejection? You log in quick -  Netflix can wait. An interview! Is that it?! They didn’t mention that at the open day...

Something has changed on your UCAS application

5. Envy

A few weeks later and the offers are still rolling in for your mates. Basking in the UCAS glory, they completely disregard your feelings. You only have one offer so far - how unjust. United with those in the same positon as you, at least you’re not alone: there is still hope.

Jealous of people having offers from UCAS

6. Disgust

How dare *insert hated university of choice here* reject my application. Their loss. I didn’t even want to go there anyway. The course is so low down in the league tables, I can do way better. I will do better. Pfffffft.

rejection from university on UCAS application

7. Outrage

You begin to wonder if UCAS has a personal vendetta against you. The delusional thoughts follow not long after. You deem it necessary to make a formal complaint and target UCAS by any possible means. Twitter, Facebook, online forums, nothing can stop you. Revenge is sweet.

To make matters worse UCAS track is ‘experiencing problems’. Cue mental breakdown.

8. Fear

Your head is filled with a worst case scenario for every day of the week. What if you don’t receive any more offers? Even worse – what if you don’t get the grades for your conditional offer? You go through your options. It's fiiiine, surely I’ll get a place through cleaning, you think. Feeling desperate, you begin to research gap years. You could do with a break from education. Why didn’t you consider this before? 

worried about UCAS application

9. Elation

Just when you thought you may have to start working full time at McDonalds the offers FINALLY start to roll in. Uni here you come. Pure elation overrides all logic and you fantasise about how amazing your uni life is going to be! (but remember you actually have to get the grades now…) 

Getting 5 Offers from UCAS

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