The only motivation you need to hit the gym and then keep hitting it.

Everyone broke their New Year’s Resolutions ages ago so we can all stop talking about exercise now, right? Well, no. Sorry, but bear with us. We’ve got a confession to make: at Student Hut, we love the gym and we’ve teamed up with Fitness First -one of the UK’s biggest and best gyms- to show you why you should too. Even if your idea of a good time doesn’t usually involve sweat, lycra, and picking up heavy things, you should consider these 9 reasons why the gym might actually be your true love.

1. It Makes You More like Batman

Whatever your lifestyle, chances are you would benefit from being at least a bit more like Batman. Whether you think dressing up like a bat to fight crime is really the best use of Bruce Wayne’s time and money, you can’t dispute that he’s doing a lot of things right. The most obvious one? He’s in seriously good shape. I mean, just look at Ben Affleck’s back. Phwoar, eh?

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2. It Will Make you Faster/ Stronger/ Fitter

More seriously, there are a tonne of practical benefits to going to the gym that will help you every day of your life. Whether it’s your normal problems (carrying your weekly shop home, running for the bus) or unlikely situations (sprinting away from dangerous animals, being Batman), you can guarantee that in practically every scenario it’s better to be faster, stronger and healthier.

3. It makes you more attractive

Whatever kind of body you want, it’s pretty likely that time at the gym will help you achieve it. Not everyone needs to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger (nor should they to be honest) but you’ll be amazed at how much difference a little bit of targeted exercise each week will make to the parts of your body that you think could be improved.

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4. People at gyms are actually quite nice

People at gyms get a bad reputation and sometimes that’s deserved. Generally though, people at the gym are actually decent folk who want you to be excited about the same thing as them, namely being in the gym and getting better at it. Asking staff or patrons for advice is intimidating at first but they’ll often have lots of sympathy: everyone remembers how unnerving it can be to start going to the gym but they’ll also know just how good the benefits are. Fitness First will even give you free classes with experienced trainers to ease you in.

5. You’ll live longer (and better)

It’s mostly agreed in the scientific community that physical activity will make you live longer. Even a relatively small amount of exercise per week can cut blood sugar, improve blood pressure and reduce the bad cholesterol kicking around in your body from that post-night out takeaway. All of this will keep your heart and brain in good condition and potentially add years to your life. Better still, your quality of life will improve because you’re stronger and more mobile.

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6. It’ll teach you life lessons and make you better at everything

That’s right, everything. Going to the gym will teach you how to set a goal, make a plan to achieve it and see yourself there with willpower and hard work. This is literally the most useful skill you can have and will help you with coursework, revision, job applications, gardening, making roast dinners and pretty much everything in your career and life.

7. It makes it acceptable to eat an incredible amount of food

This is secretly the best reason to go to the gym. An exercise routine means that you will be able to undo at least some of the damage of a typical university night out, leaving you guilt free when you want to indulge yourself. Better yet, weight training actually requires you to gorge yourself (albeit on the right stuff). You know that photo of the Rock’s legendary cheat day? Well that could be you.

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8. It’ll make you feel, like, amazing

You won’t believe how good a gym session can feel until it happens to you. After you put the time and energy in, you’ll find your sprinting times tumbling and your lifting benchmarks shooting up. Sometimes you’ll hit a target or smash a personal best and just spend the rest of the day grinning.

9. Exercise is actually fun

All of the lifestyle advice and long-term thinking in the world won’t persuade you to get to the gym if you can’t find a way to make it fun. Fortunately, this is actually really achievable. Exercise doesn’t have to be hourly slogs on the treadmill four times a week - unless you want it to be. If lone gym time doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, try a group class (Fitness First have a huge range of different options) or get a friend to come with you. Plan your workouts around your schedule and don’t beat yourself up too much if you miss it occasionally. Exercise is there to be enjoyed first and foremost.

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Convinced? We thought you would be. If you want to take your first step towards being a gym convert or just fancy a change of location for your workout, try out Fitness First’s FREE Three Day Workout Pass. Fitness First have some of the best gym facilities in the country and their staff are the perfect people to get you over that initial uncertainty. You won’t regret it!

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