For the past three years you’ve lived a life of leisure, relaxing in an environment of your own making with no rules and no one to tell you to do your washing up, change your sheets or tidy your room.


But the time has come to move back in with your parents and be subject to the same rules as when you were 16. Here’s a definitive list of why moving back home is the absolute worst, and why you need to get that grad job and move out pretty pronto...

1. The nagging

You thought you grew out of your mum calling your name up the stairs asking you to bring your washing down the stairs or help with the Sunday clean, but your parents have other ideas. They are constantly nagging you for leaving your mug in the lounge, your pyjamas on the floor in the bathroom and for not putting the washing on - and let’s be honest, ain’t nobody got time for that.

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2. You can’t stay out until 5am

You can kiss goodbye to the late night sesh from now on as your mum has reinforced that 12am curfew you had when you were going to house parties in year 11.

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3. They think you’re an alcoholic

“Sophie I really think you need to tone down the drinking a little bit, me and your dad are a tad worried”. Thank God they didn’t see what you drank when you were actually at uni…

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4. Loss of freedom

You suddenly feel obliged to ask your parents permission for everything. “Is it ok if I go to the gym after work?” “I’m going to my uni mates on the weekend, is that ok?” - why is this even a thing?

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5. Say goodbye to one night stands

Ever tried sneaking a guy or girl back when your parents are around? It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

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6. ‘My house, my rules’

We all know this one, when your parents lay down the law and insist that you play by their rules or move out. This means that your bedroom must be immaculate, washing needs to be done, and you cannot stay in bed any later than 10am.

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7. You’re constantly reminded that you’re unemployed and MUST get a job

“How’s the job hunt going?” “If you send your CV to Uncle Paul he’ll take a look at it for you” “What’s your plan now?”

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8. Cereal is no longer an acceptable dinner

Maybe keep a box in your room to get your way around this one?

9. You are miles away from all of your besties

Nothing is more upsetting than this, you can no longer just pop into the next door room for a chat, gossip, glass of wine, or even a hug. Distance sucks.

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