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Students, it’s time to rejoice in pancake pleasure! The countdown to Pancake Day has begun; this year it falls on February 9th – save the date. Also known as Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day has been scientifically proven (we reckon…) to improve happiness nationwide. Everyone loves a good pancake, so here’s some reasons why it’s the best day EVER.

1. It will help you forget about Valentine’s Day

For some, 2016 has got off to a rough start. Kicking the doom and gloom off nicely was January exams and the day that shall not be named (Valentine’s) which is steadily approaching - the final straw for many singletons. Just when you thought the misery would never end…Pancake Day to the rescue! This year it falls before the day that shall not be named, so why not make it Pancake month?

Valentine's Day vs. Pancake Day

2. Pancake puns

Couldn’t give a toss about Pancake Day? Think you shouldn’t have to put up with this crepe? Well, with respect, you’re wrong. Pancakes can be a touchy subject at times...

Pancake Puns. Don't eat other people's Pancakes

3. Choices of toppings

There are a plethora of pancake toppings out there to try, and with tonnes of easy recipes online you can create the best pancakes possible.  Syrup, Sugar, Nutella and Chocolate Sprinkles all being popular choices. Looking to make healthy pancakes? Why not try some fruit toppings? Blueberries and banana are great healthier alternatives.

Best Pancake Toppings for Pancake Day & for Healthy Pancakes

4. You can show off your pancake flipping teckers

Pancake Day is one of the rare occasions where you’re allowed to play with your food. There is such fun to be had before you’ve even had your first mouthful of pancake goodness. Sometimes pancake flipping may not go to plan, but don’t worry, you can just make more! Nothing ruins Pancake Day.

Pancake flipping fail

5. It’s acceptable to eat them at any time of day

Despite traditionally being considered a breakfast food, on Pancake Day dinner = breakfast. You can have pancakes for breakfast, lunch AND dinner if you so wish.

You can eat Pancakes at any time of day. Pancakes for Breakfast Lunch & Dinner

6. Calories do not exist on Pancake Day

It’s an excuse to forget about the ‘health kick’ you were supposed to start in January. Nobody can judge you for eating ALL the pancakes - whether you can stomach 2, 12, or 20, it will be completely guilt-free because IT’s PANCAKE DAY!

Calories do not exist on Pancake Day

7. Pancakes make you happy

A Ted Talk by Nataly Kogan in 2013 titled “How Pancakes Can Make You Happier and Change the World” recognises that “focusing on small moments that are part of our every day and sharing them to make someone else smile makes us happy” – like eating lots of delicious pancakes with friends. Why don’t we just eat them all year round?

Pancakes make you happy

8. a last minute binge before lent

Pancake Day provides the perfect opportunity to use up whatever sinful delights remain in your food cupboards. Chocolate, golden syrup, marshmallows and Nutella, the possibilities are endless…

Giving something up for lent. Ideas of things to give up for lent.

9. Pancake races & Pancake Art

Pancake Day is not just about eating pancakes – there’s a lot more fun to be had. Pancake races take place across the country and can involve anything from three-legged races to pancake flipping races. If like us you’re wary of doing any form of exercise on such a day, Pancake art may be the activity for you. One Dad makes his children different shaped Pancakes every day because “Life’s too short for round pancakes”.

Pancake Art - Harry Potter Pancakes

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