University doesn't come with a how-to guide, so we wrote this article of things every girl should know before she goes to uni.

1. That it’s ok not to know who you are

Leaving the family home and embracing the freedoms that university lives provides can be a liberating experience. All manner of feelings and emotions might come to the surface, and it’s ok not to know who you are, or how you identify. Over the next few years you’ll get to grips with these things, and you’ll know what flag to wave at Pride.

2. That you can have sex with whomever you damn well please

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We’re pro-fun, pro-sex, and 100% against slut-shaming. You do you, girl. (But plz stay safe and use protection, there are some hella nasty strains of STI's out there. Looking at you, super-gonorrhea)

3. How to wash your own clothes

Don’t be tempted to chuck every type of fabric and colour in together, use fabric softener and hand-wash your bras and knickers to avoid a mangled mess of underwire, lace and anguish.

4. How you drink

There’s a fun Skittle Bomb filled trial-and-error period here, but the faster you can figure out how much you can drink, how quickly you can drink and what you can drink without being sick on your own shoes on a bus, the more fun the next three years of your life will be.

5. Which relationships you can leave behind

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Take the opportunity to look at toxic relationships and decide to end them. Maybe there’s a friend you’ve had for years who has always been your shoulder to cry on, but when you look back on those moments you realise that they were often the reason you were crying in the first place. Show yourself some love and respect, and take charge of your life.

6. How to do self-care properly

I’m talking movies you love, good books, candles (careful, now), snuggly pyjamas and knowing how to take a few hours out of your day to unwind, shut yourself away from the outside world and care for yourself properly.

7. How to stay safe on campus

This isn’t a fun one, and we know that we should be telling men not to rape instead of telling women not to be raped, but the message doesn’t seem to be getting through just yet. Let a trusted friend know where you are and when (or if) you’re planning to be home. Keep an eye on your drink. Learn some self defence. And if something does happen to you, go straight to a hospital, the police or campus security.

8. That it’s ok to still need your mum

Or Dad, or whoever makes you feel safe and won’t mind if you ring them up in the middle of the night, sobbing.

9. How to stay healthy

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Sure, scoff pizza and fried chicken to your heart’s content, but stay hydrated and eat plenty of veg too. And exercise once in a blue moon (not just stretching to reach your TV remote that’s fallen on the floor).

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