It's time to move into your new halls and you're bound to forget something, we've got a list of all the things you're likely to forget but really shouldn't!


So the big day is almost here! You’ve done all of your shopping, finished prepping your freshers’ outfits and already searched your soon-to-be best mates on Facebook – but what things do you actually need to pack?! Well, we’ve got your back and made a handy list of essentials that are better not left behind!

1. Coat hangers

The humble coat hanger, you’ve used and abused these bad boy’s for years, but when it comes to packing, it’s one of the first you’ll forget. So be sure to pack a few dozen so that your mum’s ironing doesn’t go to waste – it’s not as if you’ll be ironing any time soon.

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2. First Aid Kit (Notably paracetamol and lemsip)

This definitely won’t be top of your list and is very easily forgotten. However, when you’re 3 days into Freshers week with full-blown freshers flu and a crippling hangover – you’ll have never needed paracetamol so much in your life.

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3. Extension leads

Such an underrated bedroom accessory. Halls of residents are notorious for their lack of plug sockets, and you can forget having one close to your bed! So to avoid walking the other side of the room for that morning alarm, make sure you remember to pack an extension lead!

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4. Fancy dress

Your sixth form RAG week fancy dress items are likely to be left in your wardrobe when you move to uni – but you’re likely to be getting your mum to post them to you a few weeks later! Freshers’ week, and university nights, in general, are full of fancy dress and themed nights. So if you have props, wigs and outfits at home it’s best to pack them to save that all important £££.

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5. Smart clothes

Another staple item that is bound to be left at home – a suit, tux, ball gown and heels. Job interviews will most definitely be at the back of your mind as a fresher, but you never know when one might creep up on you so it’s best to be prepared. You never know, you may end up attending a few balls along the way too!

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6. Stationary – stapler/hole punch

Ah, office essentials – who needs them as a student, right? Wrong. When your essay deadline is hours away and it has to be perfectly stapled/hole punched/printed correctly – you’ll thank your lucky stars that you brought one with you!

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7. USB or external hard drive

Gone are the days when you can convince your teacher that your ‘computer crashed’ to get a few extra days to do your homework. Universities are nowhere near as lenient, so citing computer failure is no longer a viable excuse. To prevent the stress of lost work, it’s best to make sure you regularly back up your work to a USB stick or external hard drive. Panic over.

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8. Décor

The more cosy and home-like your uni room is, the easier the transition will be. Try and remember to pack some posters, photos and fairy lights to make your room homier.

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9. Bottle opener

You may think that as soon as you go to university you’re automatically able to open a beer with your teeth – but sadly that’s not the case (and who wants to risk a chipped tooth anyway?!). So remember a bottle opener and you’ll be the most popular person in your kitchen – for pres at least.

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