Sixth form is nearly over and these are the things you don’t yet realise you’re going to REALLY miss...

1. House Parties

House parties are a regular occurrence in sixth form with half the year still being under 18. Your mums probably bought you a single bottle of WKD or you’ve sneaked into the cupboard to make a ‘shit mix’ with the insane concoction of spirits and liquors that your parents drink. Drinking is illegal so you can’t be fussy. Gin? Yep. Sherry? Yep. Eggnog?! Whack it in! Beggars can’t be choosers. Don’t forget to fill up your mum's bottle of vodka with water so the poor sod doesn’t notice it’s gone. FYI: She knows.

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2. Driving Literally everywhere

It doesn’t matter if McDonald’s is 2 minutes down the road. You can drive now and that’s totally cool. Your friends pile in and you get the music blasting like absolute knobs. But who cares - you’ve got your driver's licence a.k.a. “I’ll do what I want” licence. The days of being a bus wanker are long gone...

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3. Going to a different takeaway every day

This one goes hand in hand with the above. The fact you can drive means you must go to a different takeaway each day of the week. Dominos Tuesdays, Maccies Wednesdays… Oh, to be young and plaguing your body with incredulous amounts of trans fat and grease… Yum.

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4. Spending every free doing anything and everything except for work

Whether you’re sleeping, driving to Tesco’s, drinking coffee or socialising with friends, there’s always one thing you’re certainly not spending your frees doing: work. Everyone knows that a morning free means a lie-in. That advice your teacher gave you about working during your frees? Sorry, Mr Morris, gossiping about Becky and her new boyfriend comes first.


5. The fashion

It began with good intentions. Accessories, perfume, new clothes, the lot. Wearing a different outfit every day was, at one time, a necessity. As the year went on, having literally NOTHING to wear got progressively worse and you’ve ended the year wearing jeans and a hoodie, resembling Vicky Pollard more than Kim Kardashian...

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6. Hunting down someone from the year above to lend you their ID

Ahh, the classic sixth form problem. Facebook messaging every girl or boy from the year above: “Please can you lend me your ID on Saturday?”. You spent hours on each person’s Facebook, holding their profile picture up to your face and asking your friends “could this pass for me?”. No Shannon, you don’t look like the Chinese boy from the year above.

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7. The common room

The central zone where everyone hangs out and all the drama, tears, laughter and best times happen. You always sit in the same place and you wouldn’t dare go to the mosher section, chav section or any section of the common room that doesn’t “belong” to you and your friends. Who knew Mean Girls was so factually correct?

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8. Eating lunch outside when it’s sunny

As classic Brits, as soon as the sun comes out, we put on our t-shirts and shorts and sit outside. Even if it’s 3 degrees, that doesn’t stop us. It’s the most exciting thing ever and makes EVERYONE giddy.


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9. Exam stress

Ok, so you probably won’t MISS this per say, but you will look back and laugh. That time you were pulling your hair out, panicking about your lack of revision and feeling like it’s the end of the world? Yeah, it’s not the end of the world and you’ll do ok in the end. You’ve got this.

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So don't wish away your last days of college because you'll be reminiscing about all the fun you had before you know it.

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