The customer is not always right.

Summer jobs can be hard work. Whilst a lucky few are off travelling or having a summer full of relaxation, other students across the country are starting part-time jobs to earn some extra money. There’s arguably no job more stressful than one in customer service. Low pay, mindless repetitive tasks and the most severe offender of them all, annoying customers. If you’ve ever worked in customer service you’ll  be familiar with these serial offenders:

1. The know it all

These customers are keen to pass on their self-professed knowledge, whether you are willing to listen or not. They may even have to audacity to pass judgement on your work effort (“you look like you need something to do”) and give you a few pointers.

Hermione Granger being patronising

2. The questioner

At times you may feel like a tour guide for customers incapable of reading signs, or even an expert in whatever an inquisitive soul feels inclined to ask you about. So many questions, so few answers.

Are you for real right now?

3. The chatterbox

Literally minutes before your shift is due to end you will be stopped in your tracks by this nuisance wanting to tell you their life story. It should be illegal to engage in conversation with an employee who is trying to close up. It’s time for everyone to go home.

Don't talk out loud

4. The Complainer

Situation: You don’t have the item they’re looking for.

Outcome: They throw a tantrum and ask to see the manager who repeats your response word for word.

Kid throwing a tantrum

5. The chancer

Trying to use invalid offers then acting oblivious when you inform them they are out of date. Perhaps even more infuriating is the person who only remembers that they have a coupon when you’ve already completed the transaction. Nice try. 

Ru Paul's Drag Race sass

6. The one that presumes you have power

Some customers will hold you personally responsible for company policies that they disagree with. From debating the universal no receipt - no return policy, to outrage at high prices, whatever the problem apparently it’s all your fault.

Y tho

7. The joker

*Gets out £50 note* “I just printed it this morning”. HA HA HA.

Leonardo Di Caprio forced laughter

8. The liAr

Yes, I saw you swap the price tags, you criminal. 

Why you always lyin' gif

9. The indecisive

And in being so, holding up a long line of impatient people.

I give up

10. The badly behaved

Please and thank you are not in their vocabulary and they cause havoc wherever they go. Common behaviours include:

  • Ruining a neatly folded pile of clothes when searching for their size
  • Out of control children running wild (with parents who couldn’t care less)
  • Talking on the phone when you are trying to serve them
We’ll leave you with this parting gift from buzzfeed - 'things that make retail workers want to hide in the back':

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