Believe it or not, it's not long until 2016. Whether you’re the organised type and have had tickets for that massive club night bought for months, or still aren’t quite sure how you are going to usher in the new year, one thing is certain; these are all the people that you are going to meet on New Year’s Eve.

1. Drunk and desperate to make out at midnight

It’s just hit 11 and the pressure is mounting; the air is rich with pheromones and people are coupling up left right and centre. A lone shark navigates the dance floor, pushing himself up against anyone who doesn’t appear to be ‘taken’.

2. Bored FOMO’s

They don’t even want to be here, but the fear of missing out was too strong.

3. Determined to have the best night ever

By any means possible, this person is going to have THE BEST NIGHT EVER; they are usually the annoying ones bumping into you repeatedly on the dancefloor and drinking a lot.

4. Over-emotional

Whether it’s too much alcohol, over-inflated expectations, or the unsettling realisation that the years are slipping by way too fast and there is no way to stop them… someone always ends up crying on NYE.

5. Gone before midnight

They usually start out as the ones determined to have an amazing time (number 3), and usually end up ringing in the New Year alone in a bathroom stall with nothing but their vomit and tears to comfort them.

6. The ones who rock up after midnight

Usually noticeably more sober than everyone else, the ones who rock up after midnight think themselves wise for choosing to wait for the madness of midnight to subside before they arrive; greeted by the drunken carnage, their disgust and judgement is palpable.

7. Determined phone user

Knowing that signals will be jammed, most people normally do their obligatory “happy new year!!!” texting or calling a bit before or a bit after midnight; but there is always that one person DETERMINED to get through.

8. Photo-taker

"OMG you guys NYE Selfie!!!!!!!!!!"

9. The 'new-year-new-me' people 

We've all been (or at least met) this person; they are absolutely certain that 2016 will be their year and they love telling you how they are going to stick to all their amazing and empowering resolutions. (Until february, at least.)

10. The people who are actually enjoying themselves, weirdly…

Despite the over-priced entry fees, over-priced drinks, over-inflated expectations and over-packed club, you might just bump into someone who actually seems to be having a fantastic time…. I seriously hope I'm one of them.


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