Ever wondered what's different about higher education across the pond? (hint: it costs a lot more)


US-  Average of $60,000 a year.

UK-  Average of £9,000 a year. I guess it could always be worse.

columbia university


US- Almost exclusively shared bedrooms (hah!)

UK- Almost exclusively private rooms (in ugly 60s tower blocks)

22 Jump Street Roomates


US- Nothing until you’re 21 (legally, that is).

UK- You're already proficient in getting wrecked by 18 and university just lets you do it every day.

american universtiy party


US- College sport is played in giant stadiums and is not a joke.

UK- A series of one-sided varsity matches, most of them held in an overblown school sports hall

College football match

In Films

US- Raucous bro comedies about fraternity antics (and that one really good episode of the Simpsons)

UK- Foppish romantic comedies, probably set in Cambridge

Starter For 10


US- Red solo cups are standard.

Uk- Red solo cups are an exotic novelty. People mostly play beer pong with spare mugs they have lying around the kitchen.

red cups


US- Grading on an A-F to scale where you can actually get top marks on a test. WTF is this.

UK-  All of your work exitsts in the 57-73 mark range, no matter how much or little work you do.

F grade

Course Structure

US- Try a few things before you pick your major. Get some experience, live a little!

UK- Pick what you want to study at 17 with no experience of the wider world, setting out the blueprint for your career and the rest of your life. 

Lecture Theatre


US- Frequent midterms, quizzes, exams and coursework to test every inch of your knowledge.

UK- 5 exams at the end of the year, all of them terrifying, none of them important in the grand scheme of things.

stress gif


US- A hotbed of machismo and controversy that has become a hallmark of the uni experience

UK- A hotbed of machismo and controversy that have been rightly battered into non-existence by British scepticism

Frat party


US-  Every university has a homecoming week, where alumni come back to campus and do stuff.

UK- ALl you get for once you leave a UK university is nostalgia for how much you used to drink and phone calls from your uni asking for money.

Homecoming parade


US- You learned to drive at 15 and inexplicably own a pickup trick (image below probably not representative of the reality, sorry America)

UK- You passed your test 18 months ago and haven’t driven since because car insurance is stupidly expensive.

Monster trucks


US- Wear a silly hat, shake some hands and get a piece of paper.

UK- Wear a silly hat, shake some hands and get a piece of paper. Maybe we’re not so different after all!

Graduation day

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