Christmas is coming, and that student loan is dwindling fast... Have no fear, we've got all the hints and tips to help save your finances...

Resist that second Domino’s of the week...

Now, I’m not saying that the students eating baked beans stereotype isn’t true, we all know it is, but be honest… That dinner of plain pasta and ketchup probably occurred because you spent £20 on Domino’s earlier in the week… No one’s expecting you to become a culinary genius overnight, but taking that little bit longer to make a shopping list and research some budget-friendly recipes will make all the difference to your finances and your health.

If you’re a cooking newbie, invest in a few of the essentials to get yourself started (find a great selection of cookware at amazing prices here). Keep an eye out for recipes which require longer lasting ingredients, like tinned foods, so if you end up skipping dinner in favour of early plans, it won’t have gone off by the next night. Canned food gets a bad rap but really, whack some tinned fish on nice toast with a bit of spinach and an egg and you’re basically having a v. cool Scandi inspired brunch, you absolute chef… (probably best not to verify this with an actual chef...).

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Find inexpensive evening entertainment

Finding evening entertainment that doesn’t break the bank can be a real challenge. Especially now winter’s begun and spending all day in the park has become more “cold and depressing”, than “sunny and carefree”. Get some friends involved and get creative about ways to spend your evenings, host a movie or game night (find a great priced selection here), make dinner for a group (it’s totally okay to ask your guests for a little financial contribution beforehand!), host a murder mystery party (okay… getting your friends to agree to that one might be harder, but you get the idea). No one’s saying don’t go on nights out, just maybe try and curb the spending on the nights in between…

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Shop with OnBuy

Be sure to check while doing your Christmas shopping! OnBuy is the UK-owned online marketplace, and by offering lower fees to sellers, they can offer the very best prices to you. With a 5-star Trustpilot rating, they’re the ethical online marketplace you can trust. They even handpick the very best deals to help make sure you can pick up a bargain, often offering up to 60% off! The site has millions of items - from shot glasses and makeup to costumes and used textbooks - so whether you need to get ahead on next year’s reading list, get a present for Mum, or get ready for the ultimate Christmas party, be sure to check OnBuy first! 

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Get Christmas in order

Christmas is the big financial kicker this time of year, and no one wants to accidentally spend so much on festivities that they can’t afford a present for their Mum. Ask your friends if they want to do Secret Santa (find some great options for gifts here), or maybe suggest going for a meal rather than doing gifts at all (especially as Secret Santa always runs the risk that you get that one guy you don’t really know and end up panic buying him socks). Any friends or family members that you really must buy gifts for, start looking early - students aren’t known to be loaded and no one will expect anything big, but if that Toblerone obviously came from the train station on the way home, you might be in trouble. 

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So here's to a happy and thrifty Christmas for students the world over... But we all know what the most important meaning of Christmas is? Yes, that's right... It means it's almost time for your next installment of student loan.

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