Read why Russell Group universities are different and some tips on what to expect when you apply to them.

What makes a university part of Russell Group?

There are 24 Russell Group universities that produce more than two-thirds of the world's leading research. In these unis, students work with world class experts, use first rate libraries and facilities, are part of a highly motivated and talented peer group and often engage in cutting edge research. These kind of universities also have a higher than average student satisfaction and lower than average dropout rates.


Why Are They Different?

Russell Group universities tend to have a stronger reputation and are better funded for research and bettering facilities. They also tend to have a stronger focus on work experience and graduate prospects. Not all of the best ranked universities are Russell Group so it is important to keep in mind that some universities perform just as well as the universities that have been awarded the Russell Group label. This all depends on the speciality of the university and the department you wish to study at.


Who can apply to Russell Group Universities?

Anyone can! No matter where you’re educated or where you’re from, if you can reach the entry requirements of your chosen Russell group uni/s then why not aim for the stars?

Russell Group universities offer financial support, such as bursaries to lower income students. This makes the academic playing field far more equal and widens the opportunity for highly achieving students from lower income backgrounds to complete their degree without having to worry about being able to afford their education.


Applying to a Russell Group University

Russell Group universities set their entry requirements in the same way non-Russell Group universities do. Their entry requirements are not higher or lower because of the Russell Group awarding. UCAS advises students to apply for a university that is at a higher level or matches a higher entry requirement that you might look at, so choosing a Russell Group university is the best way to achieve this. Choosing an institution with higher entry requirements will push you to achieve the very best you can!

Some Russell Group universities may ask applicants to attend an interview. This isn’t to intimidate students but to get to know them more in person because personal statements can only reveal so much. This is a perfect opportunity for applicants to demonstrate to their interviewers their passion and motivation within the chosen field of study.


Which Universities are Russell Group?

Make sure you do as much research about a university as you can. Visit their website, explore their social media, attend open days and read student reviews to get the best insight possible. Good luck!


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