The beauty industry is worth billions of pounds - but what if you're a student with only a few spare pennies in your pocket? Never fear, the Student Hut Beauty on a Budget Guide is here, and packed with tips.

1. Coconut Oil

Budget beauty tips for students - coconut oil

  • Yes, we know you’ve probably had it up to *here* with coconut oil, and its recent surge in popularity amongst the clean eating, clean living, middle classes, but bear with us here. This oil - a solid at room temperature- is delicious to eat and immensely useful as a beauty aid. It can be used to remove even waterproof mascara, help a razor glide over those pointy shins or as a deep moisturiser for dry hair. It really does do everything.

  • And here’s the trick to getting cheap coconut oil - don’t go to a drugstore, or to the cooking oil section of your local supermarket. Head to the ‘world foods’ section and get your hands on a huge jar for much less.

Pro tip: Get your coconut oil or almond oil from the ‘World Foods’ section

2. Luxury Makeup at Factory Costs

Budget beauty tips for students - Beauty pie lipstick

  • If you’re the type of student happy to slop around in the same pair of jeans for every single lecture, but can’t bear to part with your Chanel lipsticks and Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes, then this is one for you. Beauty Pie provide luxury cosmetics at factory costs. So a foundation that would cost £32 in store, after the average 1200% markup has been applied, only costs £4.64. They also give you a breakdown of exactly what your money is spent on (such as £0.05 on testing).

  • The only condition is a £10 monthly subscription to access these lower prices. But if you’re struggling with being both a makeup addict and a student, Beauty Pie could be your saviour.

Pro tip: Add a handful of products you’d buy every month to your basket, and have a look at the total price. Compare that to what you’d spend in MAC...

3. Dry Shampoo

Budget beauty tips for students - Batiste dry shampoo

  • This one’s both a money saving tip AND a lazy tip. If you live in a student house, you’ll probably have limited funds to spend on things like water bills or heating bills. You might even have a water meter, which is no fun at all if you’re a fan of long, hot showers. So, what better way to save money than by washing your hair less?

  • But what if you’re not a fan of the no-poo movement and the thought of greasy hair terrifies you? It’s dry-shampoo to the rescue! There are lots of different high-tech brands on the market at the moment, but in our personal opinion you can’t go wrong with a good can of Batiste.

Pro tip: Spray your hair BEFORE you go to sleep. As you sleep and toss and turn, it will work into your roots and both look and feel more natural than if you did it in the morning

4. Make your own facemask

Budget beauty for students - honey face mask

  • There are tonnes of different recipes for DIY face masks out there, and unless you’re mixing gold leaf into them then a homemade version is likely to be much cheaper than a store bought version. For skin prone to acne or breakouts, honey is particularly effective due to it’s natural antibacterial properties. You can also make moisturising ones out of oats, banana or avocado, and a bit of yogurt never did any harm.

Pro tip: Make big batch and have a face mask bonding session in your halls

5. Take advantage of a good deal

Budget beauty for students - cher clueless shopping

  • This tip takes a bit of forward planning and some self-restraint. If there’s a product that you love and buy regularly but is a bit pricey - such as a nice moisturiser or a micellar water - then buy it when you see it on sale, even if you’ve still got some left. It works out cheaper as long as you store the new one away and only use it once you’ve completely run out of the first one.

Pro tip: You can sometimes find good deals on decent skincare products in supermarkets like Tesco and Waitrose rather than looking in drug stores

6. Use every last drop

Budget beauty for students - lolly stick

  • Invest in a proper makeup scooper, to scrape out the very last drops of your cosmetics. We’re all a little guilty of chucking something out just because we can’t be bothered to find a tool to reach that last bit of foundation in the bottle, but just think about how those bits add up over the year!

Pro tip: Even a repurposed ice lolly stick will do the job

7. Invest in a 5-in-one solution

Budget beauty for students - smashbox cc cream

  • If you’re pressed for cash and don’t have the money to spend on primer, concealer, foundation, powder, blusher and the full works, then pick up a BB or CC cream. These all-singing, all dancing products can be moisturiser, primer, serum, sunscreen and foundation all at the same time. Perfect if you want to save your student loan but disguise your hideous hangover in that 9am lecture.

Pro tip: For a super-fresh, on trend and inexpensive look, use a BB cream and some highlighter to strobe over your cheekbones

8. Look after your skin

Budget beauty for students - micellar water

  • If you’ve had skin problems, then you know how much time you can spend buying new products that promise to disguise, perfect, conceal and correct your complexion. Instead of trying to find the ultimate cover-up, and filling your room with barely touched expensive products, pare back your skincare routine and find something simple that suits you. Give it time, let it settle, drink more water, see your GP, and you’ll save in the long run if you can find ways to manage your skin.

Pro tip: Try banning water from your face. Water, especially hot water from the shower, can be very drying on your skin. Try only cleansing with a micellar water, and moisturising every morning and evening

9. Grab as many free samples as you can

Budget beauty foe students - donna parks and recreation 'treat yo self'

  • Cosmetics companies are awlays giving away free samples of their products for you to try. Look in the back of magazines or check our offers page to see if we have have any freebies going. In the past, we've offered free MAC lipstick and free Benefit mascara, and regularly get the lowdown on the best free tester samples before anyone else does.

Pro tip: If you're brave enough, ask makeup and perfume counter if they have any free samples. You might just get lucky!

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