*contented sigh* it's the summer holidays. So with all your free time, why not take a look at our list of the best and worst things about summer!

So it’s that time of year again! Summer has finally rolled around after a frantic couple of months submitting dissertations, finishing coursework and revising for exams. And while you have been looking forward to this break from uni work, it is fair to say that summer always has its good parts and bad parts. We’ve listed some below!

The worst bits! 

Missing your UNI FAMILY

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It’s so strange not seeing your flatmates over summer. It’s hard for you all to meet up when you live in different corners of the country, and perhaps even further away! You’re so used to seeing them every day and doing almost everything with them that you feel like a part of you is missing!



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It’s something to do and it provides you with a bit of money, but it’s usually either deadly boring or super hard work. Or sometimes, it’s a combination of the two, which is even worse! 


Living with parents

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What's privacy again? You’ve forgotten what it feels like! You love your family and it’s nice being home, but you miss being able to roll home drunk at 3am without a million and one questions from your parents!



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If you don’t get summer work and you find yourself with very little to do on a daily basis, the boredom can become pretty dire. Looks like you'll be learning how to crochet! 


The best bits! 


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No exams, no revision, no coursework! Complete bliss!



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You have so much free time to do exactly as you please. Daytime TV and sleep (well, TV and sleep without having to feel guilty about not doing your uni work!) - what more could you ask for?



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Okay, so you can’t always guarantee sunshine in the UK during the summer. But this is the time of year for summer holidays (yay!) and the odd days of sunshine spent in your garden or at the beach in the UK are still pretty damn perfect!



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After living away from home all year, it’s actually quite nice to spend some time with your parents and siblings...just don’t tell them that!



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Pets are just an extension of your family - being at home over summer is great because you can spend time with them! In fact, you don’t understand how you survived at uni without tickling that gorgeous tummy floof every day!


So there you have it, the best and worst things things about summer. What do you think? Do you agree? Do you have any other favourite parts or pet peeves about summer? 

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