There’s no better way to get to know your flatmates than when you’re all sat cramped around a small dingy table, trying to peel the sticky, alcohol-stained cards from your fingers.

Here’s a list of some of the best games to play:

1. Cards Against Humanity

If you’re an awful person with a dark sense of humour, then you’ve probably heard of this one. Basically, it’s a case of who-comes-up-with-the-most-twisted-scenario-wins, and with famous cards like “Daniel Radcliffe’s delicious arsehole” to play with, everyone will end the game feeling guilty as hell!

Here are the rules.

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2. Shithead (A.ka. bullshit)

There are quite a few variations on the rules for this game, so we’ll stick with the simplified version: You all start out with either 3 or 5 cards in your hand (depending on the number of players) and take it in turns to each place a card on a pile of remaining cards in the middle. Each card you place must be of equal value or higher than the card placed before it, and the winner is the first person to get rid of all their cards.

Check out more rules here.

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3. Scrawl

This Chinese-whispers-meets-Pictionary game is for 4-8 players and is even funnier if nobody you’re playing with can draw or describe things. The first player has to pick a scenario card, doodle the image, then pass their drawing onto the next player to copy. The drawings are passed on from player to player until the last person has to guess what the original drawing was. Think it sounds easy? You'd be surprised...

Find the rules here.

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4. Irish Snap

If you were to combine a regular game of snap with a few more rules and a lot more screaming, then what you’d end up with is Irish Snap. Like snap, the aim is to lose all the cards in your hand, which are dealt to you at the start of the game. Unlike snap, it’s not simply a case of finding a pair and screaming ‘SNAP!’.  It’s tricky to get a hang of at first, but a load of fun once you get used to it. Plus, it can be made into a drinking game!

Rules can be found here.

5. Jenga

Whilst the normal version of this game is fine in itself, what really makes it a bonding experience are the following things:

  1. Write truths and dares on all the blocks. You pull a block out, do what it says on it, put it back on top. If you manage all that, you pass your turn. Plus, it’s fun to think up consequences for when someone forfeits or knocks the tower down.

  2. The six words most students love to hear: Turn it into a drinking game! You can either keep it simple, and say whoever knocks the tower down has to drink, or you can write drinking dares on each block, and complete those instead. They can be as normal or as outrageous as you like!

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If you want to avoid arguments, scheming and table flipping, then you probably shouldn’t play Monopoly. Hearts have been broken and relationships ended over that game, so just don’t do it. You’ve been warned.

Here’s a list of some more card and board games you could play:


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