Going out tonight but can’t think of what to do for pre-drinks? Don’t worry, we have you covered.

Cards Against Humanity

Cards against humanity

This game is well known for its success, it is basically the king of the pre-drinking world. The price of it is a bit steep, £20 for a card game, but it is worth it. It’s dark and a bit twisted stating the it is ‘a party game for horrible people’ on the box. This is reflected once you read the rules as the purpose of the game is that the person with the most offensive and ridiculous answer wins the round and everyone else drinks. Alternatively, if you want to be really mean you can single out the least funny answer and make them drink instead.


Hide and Seek

This can be great fine, particularly if you are already a little bit tipsy. Each person except for the counter must run and hide. The counter must then hunt them all down in five minutes. If they have not managed to find them, they have to drink the amount in gulps. All people that are found also have to drink two fingers (or if you are very daring, a shot).

Head’s Up

An easily downloadable app on most phones (excluding the windows phone unfortunately). You choose from a variety of categories, stick the phone on your head, then your friends have to give you clues as to what is on the screen. For every one that you get wrong, you have to drink two fingers width worth of your alcoholic beverage.


Ring Of Fire

Every card has a rule! One card even has the rule that you get to make up a rule! Pop a glass on the table and put all of the cards around it in a circle - no gaps! Follow the image above as a rough guideline.


Beer Pong

Fill cups with beer, or spirits depending on how drunk you wish to get, and lay them out in the same way as shown above in the picture. Split up into two teams and try to throw a small plastic ball into a cup of the opposing team. If it lands inside, a member of the other team must drink it.



The Police

The Police really were quite fond of the prostitute Roxanne in 1978, you can tell by how many times they sing her name! The aim of the game, drink every time they say it. Good luck, it will get you plastered.


Put a pint glass in the centre. Pour as much of your drink as you wish into the pint glass, then someone will flip a coin… Heads or tails? If you are correct, the alcohol inside the pint glass gets passed on. Whoever guesses wrong first has to drink it all. It could get very interesting!


Have I Ever?

Take it in turns to go around the circle saying “Never have I ever…?” and it has to be something that you have done. Everyone else who has also done it has to drink. You learn a lot about the people during this game. It is very entertaining and a great giggle!



This was rather complicated to explain so I made you a pretty picture to refer to instead. You will obviously need a console that you can play fifa on and plenty of alcohol.



Sit in a circle and one person starts drinking. Each person in order has to join in and isn’t allowed to stop drinking until the person next to them has stopped. This is very challenging. Tip: try not to use a fizzy drink or the burps proceeding this sesh will be ginormous.


Twenty One

You must all sit in a circle and take it in turns to count. The most amount of numbers you can say in a row is three. The aim of the game is to count to 21 but you must try to avoid being the one who actually ends up saying 21 as that person has to drink. It’s quick and easy, you can get drunk very quickly!


Would You Rather?

While this isn’t a drinking game, it is still very entertaining. You compare two things and the other person/people have to pick the one that they would rather do. The questions can be pretty grim… Such as, ‘would you rather get burned to death in a fire or drowned to death stuck in a river under ice?’... delightful. However, it is very fun!


Edward Cider Hands

Get someone to tape a full cider bottle to each hand. You are not allowed to release your hands until you have finished drinking the drinks.

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