We've found some of the best charities for students. Volunteer, donate or spread the word.

Being a student is hard, and not just because you’ll run out of new flavours of Pot Noodle to try by your second week. There are times before, during and after university when you might need to reach out to get help. We’ve rounded up a selection of charities that help students throughout their university experience. Why not volunteer for them, or raise some money to help other students through the next three years of their life?

charities for students


If you’re in London or attending the Open University, then you can use Nightline. It’s a confidential listening, support and practical information service that is run by students, for students. If you’ve got a problem, or just need to talk to someone who’s been in the same situation as you, then give Nightline a call. Find out how you can volunteer for Nightline here.

Student Minds

Student Minds provide training to staff and students in UK universities in order to empower people to look after their own mental health. On site, they have some great resources about eating disorders, student finance, stress and mental health concerns related to LGBTQ+ issues. They’re a go-to resource for students looking for helpful and reassuring information. You can get involved by setting up your own Student Minds group, writing for them or fundraising.

Disability Rights UK

Disability Rights UK offer a Disabled Students Helpline that provides support and advice to disabled students studying in England. A great resource for finding out information on everything from grants to helping professionals work with disabled students.

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