Stuck on what to do for Valentine's Day and are running low on funds? Check out some of these ideas!

1. Picnic


Get some picky hand food, some plastic cups and some beverages to enjoy in your local park.


2. Games and Wine

Head’s Up, Cards Against Humanity - this could tell you a lot about the person.


3. Scavenger Hunt

Set up clues and rewards, take them on a quest!


4. Paint

Get an outlined or plain canvas and go crazy. Splatter wherever!


5. Cake/Biscuit Decorating

I am talking ALL of the works here, make these cakes or biscuits show-worthy.


6. Theme

They like Paris? Great, wear a stripey top, play french music and eat baguettes for dinner.


7. Campfire down the beach

Grab a blanket and some marshmallows with sticks.


8. Outdoor theatre

Find out what is showing near you!



If in doubt, or if you are alone on v-day... in Subway on Feb 14th you can get yourself a free sub! Click here to find out more. You are welcome.

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