If you're loved up, or you and your pals want to do something nicer on February 14th than burning things that belonged to your exes, here are some of our top ideas for relatively inexpensive winter activities.

Eat in

Making dinner together is obviously a lovely way to spend an evening- but if you’re both skint students chances are you make dinner together on the reg- so it might be a good idea to do a couple of little things to make it special.

First and foremost- you need space. Maybe consider making a cosy little den in your bedroom, to avoid exiling your lonely housemates. Sticky glow stars or fairy lights are always a good shout (I’m going to make a blanket apology now for this article being a bit cheesy, but you did click on a Valentine’s Day date article so what did you expect?). You can get an enormous pack of sticky glow stars here or up to 100M of fairy lights here (please don’t actually buy 100M it might be overkill…).

In regards to the food, you should definitely go for one of the supermarket Valentine’s Day meal deals. Now, I know “meal deal” makes you think of a Tesco tuna sandwich and some hula hoops, but big supermarkets do really pull out all the stops for V-day. This year the Co-op are doing a V-day meal for two for £6!!! And it includes a steak, although I wouldn’t count on that not selling out instantaneously. Iceland is doing a meal for £10, Asda for £25 and M&S for £20. It should be noted that the M&S and Asda ones include wine, and Asda has by far the most impressive selection choice-wise.

It could also be a sweet (literally) idea to make dessert. Even if you’re a terrible cook, try something like this chocolate torte. The ingredients are really cheap, there’s no actual baking involved, and it’s honestly one of the best-tasting things in the world. You also need minimal equipment, just some kind of cake tin (which you can purchase at Poundland, so no excuses).

Bar Crawl

Ok so maybe don’t call it a bar crawl, and maybe try and avoid sports bars and Wetherspoons. If you want to plan an evening that’s thoughtful, but candlelit dinners aren’t really your style, going to a few pubs could be the answer. Try and avoid gastro-pubs as they’ll be rammed on Valentine’s Day, and plan your route beforehand. To crank up the romance why not choose a few pubs close to places that have nice memories for the two of you, or that are named after things that remind you of them, and then give them a note at the end explaining the significance of each pub. See, you’ve just managed to be super romantic when all you’ve actually done is drink all evening.

Cocktail Hour

Learn to make their favourite cocktail. I say “learn”, “look it up and buy the ingredients” would maybe be more accurate. Buying all the ingredients can be a little pricey, depending which cocktail they like, but you can make the drinks over and over, or save the rest of the spirits and drink them at your next pre-drinks… If you need a cocktail shaker you can get them super cheap here, and I’d recommend buying a bag of ice, making cocktails really isn’t that hard (except if your Valentine’s favourite cocktail is an Espresso Martini, if so, bad luck).

Go to the Seaside

This will obviously be easier for some people than others, depending on your proximity to the coast. While a February trip to the beach is a little eccentric, there is something romantic about it. Wrap up super warm and get some sea air, or change 50p each into 2ps at the arcade and compare your winnings. Then try and find a cosy pub where you can see the sea- bonus points if it’s raining outside.

There are plenty of great ideas for cheap ways to spend Valentine’s Day, just try and come up with something personal to who you’re spending it with. And remember, there’s nothing wrong with ordering Dominos and watching Netflix - classics don’t get old...

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