In the lead up to Valentine’s Day, we are here to help with our recommendations of cute (and reasonably cheap) gifts that he will actually like- and not a cuddly animal in sight.

Valentine’s Day is once again approaching, and with it, the anxiety over WHAT MEN ACTUALLY LIKE. Girls' (and boys') group chats across the land are flooded with desperate pleas for advice, but the whole clique is in the same boat - can I buy him a tie? Have I ever actually seen him wear a tie? And suddenly you’re questioning if you really know him at all.

Swanky Little Spirits- £7-£15

mini talisker

Buying someone an enormous bottle of Glen’s vodka to be consumed with just squash doesn’t exactly scream romance (although to be honest I wouldn’t complain), so why not go for a set of teeny tiny fancy spirits. Most supermarkets stock them and you can choose a couple of things that you couldn’t afford in full size. Some gift sets come with glasses, but if you’ve got time why not have a scour of the local charity shops and grab a couple of cute glasses, or even a fancy decanter, for next to nothing.

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The Tile- £29.95

Tile Sport

The Tile attaches to any item (like his keys or wallet) and tracks its own location via an app. At £29.99 it's a little on the pricier side, and maybe not the MOST romantic of gifts, but a real lifesaver for your bae who can never find his stuff.

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Heart Shaped Pasta- £1.99

heart shaped pasta

If you read the suggestion above and were like; "Thirty quid?! Who am I? The Queen?!" - then we've got just the thing. What do students love??? That’s right, pasta. Nothing says love like heart-shaped pasta. Who cares if it’s a little cheesy? Once it’s cooked, you’ll want it to be cheesy - and you can make a great cheese-based pun in your card.

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USB MixTape- £14.99

Mixtapes are totally classic and really cute memento, but if you manage to find the equipment to make an actual cassette, the likelihood is your valentine won’t have anything to play it on… Cue them asking to sit in their housemates ancient Nissan Micra for an hour or so...

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Virtual Reality Headset - £9.99

Virtual reality headset

Because your phone slots right in, you get a really fun little gadget for very little money. There’s a tonne of things to be found on the internet in 360 and VR, and the goggles honestly do make it a lot more fun.

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Smartphone Projector- £14.99

smartphone projector

Imagine all the romantic scenes in films where they go to drive-in cinemas and watch a film. Now significantly lower your expectations. But watching Netflix projected on the wall while snuggled up in bed beats sitting amongst your housemates while you argue about who has to buy milk.

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Inflatable Chair- £13.99

Especially if the boyf was a child in the nineties he will LOVE an inflatable chair. This one’s actually quite comfy (unlike the sticky, static-y, turquoise ones of our youth), and will make a nice addition to the boyfriend’s bedroom. Especially as it’s probably really sparse - as all boys bedrooms are - what is up with that?

Most of all, just remember not to panic- Valentine's Day is supposed to be a nice holiday where you can show a bit of appreciation - yes we should show it every day, but honestly who has the time? Just buy something within your budget, and add a cringey little note - everyone secretly loves a cringey little note. 

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