Feeling nostalgic? We relive some classic TV shows from our childhood.

Exhausted all your Netflix TV shows? Well, we revisit some golden oldies from our childhood and reminisce about classic kid’s TV shows. 



1. Arthur

Looking back now, it’s a concept for a kid’s TV show that wouldn’t have looked out of place on a Mighty Boosh sketch. A children’s TV show following the daily lives of talking rabbits, orangutangs, bulldogs etc. And apparently guess what animal our main protagonist, Arthur, is? Nope, it’s not a mouse or a bear. Arthur is an aardvark. That’s right, an AARDVARK. Anyhow, Arthur was an undoubted classic and watching Arthur getting into all sorts of bother with his mates 'Buster Baxter' and 'Binky Barnes' (I know, it sounds great) made this prime time viewing at 4pm afterschool. And who didn’t sing along to that ridiculously catchy theme tune? “Hey DW, woaaaaaahhhhh!!!”


2. Jungle Run

Barring bleep tests and annual cross country runs at school, we all knew the ultimate physical test for any 10 year old was Jungle Run. All you had to do was collect bananas by swinging from branch to branch, sprint through mazes, as well as diving underwater. Easy right? I don’t know about you but I certainly sneered at the feeble efforts of softly spoken Sebastian from Surrey and almost definitely thought on many occasions, ‘I could do better than that chump’. At some points, I was infuriated by the incompetency and no doubt berated the TV screen in a manner not too dissimilar to that of Gordon Ramsay. (I was 10 at the time, so the extent of my swearing probably came down to stuff like ‘naff’ and ‘numpty’ - I know, I was a real poop mouth). Finally, who could forget about the prizes?! Forget ipads and Apple watches, mini disc players and walkmans were where it’s at back then. Wicked.


3. Recess

For all you who didn’t have Sky and Disney Channel, you lot missed out. BIG TIME. Personally, I don’t think Recess has ever been beaten as a children’s TV concept. The school has a king, it’s own government, it’s own social hierarchy, as well as it’s own rules and laws. The imagination behind some of the episodes (who remembers the economics of Recess, where stickers are the currency?) is sheer brilliance. With characters as lovable as TJ and his gang, and spawning silly catchphrases like ‘tender’ and ‘sccccaaandaaloussss’, our eyes were glued to the screens for a solid 20 minutes. However, all good things come to an end and when it came to the movies, the original actors voices had broken and changed, only to replaced by some weird, awkward prepubescent voice. In TJ’s words ‘this womps’. 


4. Art Attack

Filmed on a set comprised of giant art materials of pencils, paints and pastels, the guy who presented it (Neil Buchanan) was like Monet to us as children. Admittedly that talking clay head used to both frighten and amuse me, but the show also inspired you to try out art tips and tricks, with one online reviewer remembering fondly how he ‘drew Dracula on his carpet using all the salt he could find at home’. Collages, cartoon sketches, paper mache models; you name it, he demonstrated, and we all copied with disastrous results. Where’s Neil Buchanan now you ask? After Art Attack was cancelled, he reformed his heavy metal band called ‘Marseille’. 


Have I missed a classic kid’s TV show off this list? If you think so, post in the comment section below. 






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