Feeling lost or overwhelmed when it comes to choosing what clubs and societies to join? Well worry no longer, we've got you covered right here!


There are a vast array of clubs and societies available to you at university, so many that it almost feels daunting. You could join the Quidditch society (yes that really exists), Netball, Cheese, Debating, and hundreds more – but how do you decide what ones are right for you? The following article provides you with some advice on how to find ‘the one’ for you – and remember the club your best friend has joined may not necessarily be the right one for you.

1. Attend the Societies Fair

How else are you going to get a feel of what the society is all about? Each university should host their own societies fair, showcasing what clubs and societies the university has to offer. Before attending, it may be best to have a look through the list on the website, so that you have an idea of what societies interest you. When attending the fair, you then have an idea of what clubs you want to find out more about. And don’t forget, there will almost certainly be freebies! So keep your eyes peeled for sweets, pens and other goodies.

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2. What are your likes and dislikes?

If you have a penchant for cheese, chocolate, Harry Potter, books, or even your department – there will be a society that fulfils your passions. Just have a browse on the Students Union website and have a good look round at the Societies Fair!

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3. Speak to current members

I know, we all hate human contact, but no one else will be able to give you a real feel for what the society is really about – what do they really get up to?!

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4. Be realistic

If you’ve never played football or rugby before, it is probably not advisable to try signing up for their first team. However, university is the time to try out new things. Give a new sport a try! If you have always fancied yourself as a budding rower but never had the opportunity to, this could be your chance! Make sure you ask if any previous experience is required, but most sports clubs will be more than happy to take on beginners.

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5. Try before you buy!

Still unsure whether you’re going to enjoy being a part of a new society? Go along to one of their first meetings to see what it’s all about! The first few weeks are usually free anyway, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

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6. Still can’t find ‘the one’

If there isn’t a society that represents your hobby, then you can always start up a new one yourself. Most universities encourage the creation of new societies, and you usually only need a handful of signatures to get the go-ahead – so be brave and start a society for yourself!

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