Ahh, the joys of a four-week, well-deserved holiday! You might expect to see your friends, get all your work done and behave yourself but that’s unlikely...

1. Easter Eggs

Expectation: I’ll only eat one chocolate egg! I'd better stay as healthy as possible before I go back to uni.

Reality: How can I stop now when the world is relying on me to not waste food? I have to finish these five and a half Easter eggs off.

man throwing away easter eggs

2. Uni Work

Expectation: I’ll catch up on the uni work I missed when I was ‘ill’.

Reality: I can make notes any time I want. Right now, I should definitely binge-watch that new series my mate was telling me about…

woman shouting next episode

3. Revision

Expectation: I’ll start revision for my exams now so I'm fully prepared for May.

Reality: My bag has remained untouched since I first dropped it when I entered the house.

Dr House Says Oops

4. Sleeping

Expectation: I should really sort out my sleeping pattern before those crazy nights out at uni again.

Reality: Sleep for a week? More like sleep is for the weakWhy have a sleeping pattern when I could watch Netflix all day?

5. Cooking

Expectation: I’m going to help my mum make a really nice Easter dinner.

Reality: I’d rather just get a takeaway, to be quite honest.

the joys of ordering pizza

6. Seeing the family

Expectation: I’ll spend some quality time with my family over this holiday.

Reality: How soon can this holiday end so I can go back to uni?

family traitor

7. Drinking

Expectation: I’m gonna take a break from drinking after 3 months of non-stop liver punishment.

Reality: How else am I going to get through 4 weeks without seeing my uni friends or library bae?

woman wants all the alcohol

8. Seeing Your School Friends

Expectation: I’ll meet up with all my school friends.

Reality: I’m a busy person, they’ll understand if I can't make it…

ain't nobody got time for that

9. Tidying

Expectation: I’ll be able to keep my room tidy.

Reality: Or I could leave that to the summer holidays, because I’m not going to be here for very long.

cleaning your room over the easter holidays

10. Time Management

Expectation: I’ll write this essay as soon as possible so it’s out of the way.

Reality: Leave it until the very last minute.

Jim Carrey typing

Happy Easter from the Student Hut team!

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