It's the throwback of all throwbacks - get ready for a hefty dose of nostalgia...

1. Tracy Beaker

Jacqueline Wilson’s bizarrely dark stories were always a hit with the kids. She’s now nearly 30 and has a baby… Feel old yet?

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2. Spongebob Squarepants

He lives in a pineapple under the sea...

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3. Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Watching Salum and being totally un-oblivious to how tragically fake the talking cat was… Those were the days… *sigh*

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4. Lizzie McGuire

Who else thinks that Lizzie McGuire was totally ahead of the game with the Bitmoji? Yeah, we know where you got that cartoon mini-me idea from Snapchat…

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5. Newsround

There was nothing like a bit of Newsround to make you feel intellectual and “adulty”.

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6. Kenan and Kel

Who loves orange soda? Keeeeellll loves orange soda. Turns out those My Space rumours about Kel dying weren’t true…

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7. Arthur

Once just a kids programme, now the proud owner of an internationally recognised meme. Bravo Arthur. Your legacy lives on.

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8. My Parents Are Aliens

Everyone’s still wondering how Sophie went from a blonde, high-pitched woman to a red-haired, totally different woman in series 3?!

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9. Dick and Dom in da Bungalow

One word: BOGIES

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10. LA 7

Just when you thought S Club 7 couldn’t get any cooler, they made a TV show…

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11. The Powerpuff Girls

Saving the world one powerpuff at a time.

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12. Kerching!


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13. Art Attack

Loyally providing you with all the information you need to make a papier-mâché boat that you’ll never use again. Because why the heck not?

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14. Chucklevision

Gone are the days when the chuckle brothers were on Chucklevision, now they make random club appearances in places like Pryzm… Who knew that’s where they’d end up?

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15. The Tweenies

Bella, Milo, Fizz, Jake… Ring any bells yet?

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16. Super Duper Sumos

Giant Sumos in thongs… It didn’t seem bizarre at the time, but…

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17. Fairly odd parents

Odd parents, fairly odd parents.

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18. Big Kids

Maybe this programme was the inspiration for the Haribo adverts…

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19. Get Your Own Back

How are kids these days supposed to get back at their teachers/ parents/ neighbours without this slimey show?

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20. That’s So Raven

As hard as you try to pull a weird face, you’re not going to be able to see into the future *sigh*.

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21. Even Stevens


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22. Scooby Doo

My childhood was ruined when I realised that Shaggy is clearly a massive stoner...

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