Here's a run down of everything that happens when teens party together. It's mayhem.

1. Overindulgence

Someone will throw up in a hedge and spend the rest of the night sobbing on the stairs.

Will Ferrel crying as he drinks wine

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2. Alcohol Theft

Someone will be drinking a weird beverage they’ve pilfered from the back of their parent's drinks cupboard, such as Cinzano or port.

Little kid chooses vodka

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3. Begging

You’ll have to beg your parents to buy you drink, and they’ll either refuse or buy you WKD or Smirnoff Ice.

man in green smokes while holding a smirnoff sport

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4. Strange couples

Enemies who haven’t spoken to each other for years will suddenly be making out on the couch, and every one else will feel uncomfortable.

Andy and April from Parks and rec chew gum

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5. Stressed Hosts

The host will beg everyone to take their shoes off and use the recycling bin, and will be ignored.

tina fey throws beer in the air

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6. Everything Will Break

Someone will put their foot/fist/head through a thin wall, usually the one at the bottom of the stairs.

any from the office puts his fist through a wall

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7. Animals

Pets will be terrorized.

dog is scared by broccoli

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8. Punching

A fight will break out in the garden, and everyone will cheer.


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9. Mess

Something sticky will be spilt on the kitchen floor, and something blue will be spilt on the carpet in the lounge.

milk is knocked over

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10. Naps

Someone will sleep in the bath, which makes it awkward for everyone who needs the loo.

party cat in a sink

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11. Rule-breaking

There will be a ‘no going upstairs’ rule which will be broken immediately.

curb your enthusiasm upstairs

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12. Lying

You’ll attempt to convince your parents that you’re having a study sleepover at your mate’s house, and definitely not having a party, which means you'll have to hide your sparkly dress and heels.

cat hiding a tutu

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13. Disappointing your parents

Or, you’ll have to ask your Dad to pick you up at 12, then you’ll leave him waiting until 12.30, and he’ll yell at you about responsibility.

disappointed mr bean

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14. More mess

There will be food everywhere, from tomatoes squished on the floor to Dorito fingerprints up the curtains.

food fight

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15. Busted

The host’s parents will suddenly arrive and shut the whole thing down. The host will cry.

samuel L jackson - the party's over

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16. Fear

Older brothers will try and gatecrash, and they’re actually really scary so everyone tries to avoid them.

peaky blinders  

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17. Odd drinks

Glen’s Vodka. Strongbow. Frosty Jacks. Apple Sourz.


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18. Property Destruction

Someone’s iPhone will end up in a fish tank.

an iphone being boiled

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19. Queuing

There’ll be an enormous queue for the toilet because two girls are having an emotional heart to heart.


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20. Drinking games

You’ll play ‘Never Have I Ever’ and everyone will lie.

never have I ever

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21. The Analysis

It’s all everyone will speak about at school on Monday. Until the next one.

what did you do

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